Chemical Mortars
Faction AlliedLogoThumb Allied Nations
Function Disruption Power
Brief A group of M225 Chemical Mortars fire a barrage at this location, saturating it in tear gas. Tear gas suppresses enemies and flushes them out of garrisons.

Artillery is a bit of a logistical sticking point for the Peacekeepers; thanks to the politics of their formation, it has been politically difficult to manage artillery units. Mechanisation placed a premium on self-propelled guns, but the tank divisions made claim to them as armoured, tracked vehicles. They managed to secure the Eclipse Self-Propelled Howitzer immediately after WW2, which was such a political boondoggle that eventually it was hastened out of service just to simplify things, replaced with the Horizon in tank divisions and the Valkyrie for artillery units.

Because of this nonsense, a stop-gap close support infantry artillery was ordered in 1960 to ensure the Peacekeepers would never be without constant, on-demand artillery coverage. The response was a New Zealand project which blew Peacekeeper Command's expectations out of the water. The M225 81mm Mortar is the longest-ranged infantry-portable mortar in existence thanks to a clever innovation in the shells. Each shell has a small, helicopter-style rotor behind the fins. This rotor is unpowered, but set up such that it achieves a sort of autorotation, providing a small amount of thrust for the shell. When the shell reaches the apex of its ballistic arc, it levels off for a short time and travels horizontally, potentially doubling the effective range of the weapon at a 45 degree arc. A timer is built into the shell so the rotor can detach during flight, allowing the weapon a wide variety of arcs; it can achieve a vertical drop out to three quarters of its effective range, or fire vertically over an obstacle and then glide into a nearby target at a soft angle. Needless to say, this requires extensive training, and ranging this weapon is very difficult, but the advantages of the "10 Kilometre Mortar" more than make up for it.

Thanks to its complexity and the re-propagation of proper artillery in the Peacekeeper Divisions, the M225 is primarily used for delivering non-lethal ordnance during typical operations. The most common rounds are tear gas; Peacekeepers can operate unaffected due to their equipment, but enemy soldiers will find themselves significantly hindered by the choking, blinding clouds of gas. Technically, the use of tear gas on the battlefield is technically in violation of post-WW1 treaties on chemical weapons, but the Peacekeepers do not consider themselves bound by these as they are not technically members of a national army. Other common munitions include flash-bombs, which are larger versions of flash-bang grenades, GOOP canisters, smokescreen shells, flares, propaganda leaflets, magnetised strips, emergency rations, ammunition packages, and radio beacons.

Chemical Mortars Eight tear gas canisters land in a tight spread on the area after a three second delay. (100 unit radius)
Chemical Suppression Sixteen tear gas canisters rain down on the area after a three second delay. (200 unit radius)
60px Chemical Barrage Twenty-four tear gas canisters blanket the area in thick clouds of gas, accompanied by six flash bombs. (300 unit radius)
Tear Gas Canister
Intimidate(100/10s), Forced Evacuation
Range N/A
Damage N/A
Suppression 30
Flash Bomb
Stun (5s)
Range N/A
Damage N/A
Suppression 30
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