Cult Shrine
The Cult Shrine
Faction None
Minor Faction(s) BlackHandLogoThumb Cult of the Black Hand
Building Type Production Building, Command Centre
Function Deploys Black Hand Forces
Cost N/A
Construction Time N/A
Power 0
Constructs Acolyte, Apothecary, Armour Hunter, Assassin, Buggy, Cavalryman, Ezekiel's Wheel, Phantom Artillery, Scorpion Tank, Venom Tank
Dev. Status Textured

"I am most pleased with the work of Mr. Hoban. Though the plans he has drawn up have some pecularities, I have all confindence that the remade stucture will be even more magnificent than before."

- A letter from James Monroe in 1816, currently sealed in a government warehouse.


The Cult of the Black Hand has been sighted on several occasions in different areas in the middle east and south-east Europe. Whenever they appear, they build enormous underground shrines to pray to their messiah. Some military analysts say the shrines are more than just for praying, they serve as operation bases and seem to release several types of more or less strange vehicles from underground stores. Also, it is said the Black Hand infantry trains in underground caves, lit by torches. These structures are normally missed by most people; however, keen scouts will detect them.

How much of this is true is not directly known, but what is known is when a commander can convince a Black Hand cult leader to fight in the name of the Messiah for him, the entire cell will join in the fight (even if it is only to stir up more chaos). Thus it is recommended to occasionally search the battlefield for these installations and to capture them. On the other hand, once they are captured they should be watched, since they are not as sturdy as common military installations.


Acolyte Armour HunterAssassin
Apothecary CavalrymanBuggy
Scorpion Tank Ezekiel's WheelPhantom Artillery
Venom Tank NoneNone

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The Shrine was originally named the Temple. However, this was changed out of agreement between SighNapse and R3ven as the design did not feel like a temple.
Cult of the Black Hand

Paradox-Exclusive Mini-Faction.

Infantry AcolyteArmour HunterAssassinApothecary
Combat Vehicles CavalrymanBuggyScorpion Tank
Support Vehicles Ezekiel's WheelPhantom ArtilleryVenom Tank
Structures Cult Shrine
Detailed Information Characters of the Cult

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