Soviet Protocols work from non-production structures. It is enough to have one structure with the highest tier to have access to the highest variant of a power. How they upgrade is not decided yet.

Reactor Edit

Terror Drone Surprise Infect an enemy vehicle with a Terror Drone. Terror Drone will pop out after enemy unit is destroyed.

Telescreen Tower Edit

For the Motherland! A zone is designated, all friendly units outside that zone gain a speed boost and a firepower debuff and all units inside the zone gain the opposite effects.
Concrete Glider Heavy gliders fly over the battlefield to the target designation, damaging whatever they land on. Beware of enemy anti-air weapons. Contains Spetsnaz infantry and T-64R Microhammer tanks.
Desolator Airstrike One or more Badger bombers fly over the designated area and unleash Desolator Defoliant.
Propaganda War A Badger Bomber flies over the targeted area, dropping propaganda leaflets that boost morale and stats of your troops while decreasing the morale and stats of your enemies. Upgradable.

Super Reactor Edit

Overcharged Capacitors All surface-based Tesla weapons in the designated area gain an absurd firepower bonus but take damage during the duration of this protocol.
Magnetic Singularity A magnetic field is established, drawing in units to its center. An ideal partner to the Magnetic Satellite, it also kills the infantry it touches.
Magnetic Satellite A magnetic field from a satellite pulls enemy armoured units into orbit. It can be moved around just like a unit, but lasts only a short while. Higher levels pull bigger units up and last longer.
Tesla Mines Invisible mines with EMP effects are dropped at the targeted area. Those mines can hurt infantry but not much, and after some time their batteries run out, rendering them useless.

Battle Lab Edit

Catalyst Missile A missile with a special agent hits the area where Desolator Defoilant should be spread and invokes a chemical reaction resulting in the explosion of the defoilant.
Orbital Drop A multitude of old Soviet space equipment and everything pulled up by Magnetic Satellites is thrown from orbit at the designated area.
Sputnik Drop An unfortunate Sputnik is thrown at the targeted area and deploys into an Outpost upon contact.
Space Marines Soviet special forces rain down at the targeted area via drop pods from space. Includes Conscriptnaughts and at later levels Lunokhod tanks.

Industrial Plant Edit

Means of Production Target an enemy War Factory. Said War Factory gets shut down and at the same time the user of the protocol gains a bonus for his own production.
Scrap Drive Help from the local populance! Target a civilian structure and the inhabitants give you all kinds of metal goods they do not need anymore, thus giving you valuable material in effect. This damages those structures.

Iron Curtain Edit

Super Wall All friendly walls and wall objects (such as Gates) become invulnerable for the duration of this protocol.

Soviet Union Red Army

Italics designate Paradox-Exclusive units and structures.

Infantry War BearConscriptFlak TrooperGrenadierCombat EngineerTesla TrooperSoviet SniperCommissarChemical TrooperGagarin X BattlesuitNatashaSpetsnazConscriptnaught
Vehicles MCVOre CollectorSputnikDump TruckBullfrogSickleMyeche MML TrackThresher Battle WalkerVampire Leech WalkerAlkonost Propaganda WalkerPerun Tank DestroyerKatyusha Truck
Tanks Pincer ICVAnvil Heavy TankFlak TraktorHammer TankScytheMag-Lift TankFlaming IvanApocalypse TankV4 Rocket LauncherScrapper TankElephant Tank
Drones Terror DronePhobia DroneToxin DroneCrisis DroneTesla DroneLaika Drone
Aircraft MiG FighterTwinbladeYaK Dive BomberShturmovik Attack PlaneBarrage BalloonKirov AirshipZhukov War Zeppelin
Watercraft StingrayAkula SubOrca LanderManta EkranoplanPotemkin WarshipDreadnoughtHammerhead Ballistic Sub
Structures Construction YardReactorBarracksSmelterTank FactoryVehicle FactoryAirfieldNaval YardSuper ReactorBattle LabIndustrial PlantTelescreen TowerCrusher CraneOutpostIron CurtainVacuum Imploder
Defences BunkerBrick WallFortificationsSecurity GateSentry GunFlak CannonTesla CoilDesolator TowerDrone KennelSledgehammer Disappearing Artillery
Protocols Soviet Protocols
Terror Drone SurpriseFor the Motherland!Concrete GliderDesolator AirstrikePropaganda WarOvercharged CapacitorsMagnetic SingularityMagnetic SatelliteTesla MinesCatalyst MissileOrbital DropSputnik DropSpace MarinesMeans of ProductionScrap DriveSuper Wall
Lore Units Reaper Battle WalkerMortar CycleGrinder TankDesolatorNaval Infantry
Technologies Tesla TechnologyMagnetic TechnologyDesolator DefoliantSoviet DronesGarroch Repair DroneSoviet Small Arms and Equipment
Detailed Information Soviet TanksSoviet WalkersSoviet Air ForceSoviet NavySoviet Experimental ForcesArmed Forces of the Soviet UnionSoviet CharactersSoviet Union State EnterprisesWorker's ParadiseCommunist Bloc Nations

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