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Anvil '85Edit

Description: An Anvil tank with the twin 76.2mm cannons swapped for a single 85mm cannon, this tank retains the two infantry slots. Upon becoming elite it gains a second 85mm cannon.

Weapons: 85mm cannon, infantry fire-ports

Secondary: Evacuate passengers

Niche it fills: Anti-vehicle, assault infantry carrier

Slave Miner Edit

Description: A large truck, filled with drugged captives to break up ore, it is more expensive than an ordinary harvester, but quite sturdy. Secondary causes the slaves to unpack it into a new refinery over several seconds. This cannot be cancelled or undone, however.

Secondary: Unpack into refinery.

Niche: Cult ore collector, makes the cult hard to 'root out'.

KPA BoomerEdit

Description: Armed with a grenade firing rifle, the Boomer excels at destroying and degarrisoning structures with barrages of incendiary grenades. They can also use their weapon to fire small anti-air rockets.

Weapons: 25mm grenade rifle

Secondary: Switch incendiary grenades/anti-air rockets

Niche: Anti-structure/anti-aircraft

Yi Shock Tank Edit

Description: Light enough to be carried by a Helix, the Yi is armed with a scaled up Tesla arc gun as well as an electro-stasis ray.

Weapons: Tesla arc gun

Secondary: Electro-stasis ray

Niche: Red Chinese reinforcement counterpart to the crocodile hover tank slower but with much greater firepower.

Battle Miner Edit

Description: A surplus Anvil tank repurposed into an ore collector. Slower than other collectors, but more heavily armoured, the Battle Miner can also carry two infantry units who can fire out, like the original Anvil.

Weapons: None

Secondary: Disembark Passengers

Transport Miner Edit

Description: The Red Chinese ore collector, the Transport Miner is fast, cheap, and weakly armoured. It can carry 3 infantry, though they cannot fire out.

Secondary: Disembark Passengers

Intruder Strike PlaneEdit

Description: These antiquated biplanes are highly fragile, and are not armed with any sort of weaponry. However, their true strength lies in the fact that they are stealthed at all times, and can carry a single passenger onboard, allowing them to insert infantry behind enemy lines. Note, however, that landing (whether to pick up or drop off a passenger) makes it lose its stealth properties temporarily.

Weapons: None.

Secondary: Disembark Passenger. The Intruder lands to let its passenger out, before taking off again.

Niche: Infiltration

DPRK SniperEdit

Description: These snipers are armed with anti-materiel rifles for the express purpose of destroying enemy equipment. They tend to aim for the weapons on a vehicle first, in order to disable them. These snipers can also call in a bomber to attack an area.

Weapons: Long ranged anti-vehicle anti-materiel rifle. Debuffs weapons of targeted units.

Secondary: Marks out a designated area for airstrike. Deals blast damage in a radius. Long cooldown.

Niche: Anti-vehicle, support, blowing holes in a fortified defence line.

Reconnaissance Van Edit

Description: A simple van, the Reconnaissance Van has an above average sight radius and detects stealth units in a small radius while on the move. Secondary deploys it into a Recon Post, giving it a much larger sight range (think 1/2 of an Observation Post) and stealth. Its stealth detection radius is unaffected.

Armament: None

Secondary: Deploy/Undeploy

Niche: Intelligence, stealth detection

International Inc ShipyardEdit

II's page says International Inc is one of the world’s largest arms dealers, so why limit them to land combat? Have II produce a wide range of well priced, basic but effective ships for smaller navies. For maps with a lot of water it would be cool to have a capturable II shipyard that produces generic water combat vessels. While I’m aware minor factions aren’t going to get proper navies, II are more of a capturable goody bag for certain maps. As a general rule, II ships are actually boat shaped as opposed to some of the higher tech ships of other navies.

Explorer Patrol BoatEdit

Description: A light and fast harassment/scout craft

Weapons: A single deck mounted auto cannon capable of attacking ships and helicopters

Secondary: Immobilizes the Explorer but stealthes it allowing it to watch over an area unseen

Avenger Anti-Air Cruiser Edit

Description: A fairly well armoured, midsized AA vessel with two flak turrets (one at the front, one at the back).

Weapons: Flak turrets (x2)

Secondary: The Avenger reroutes power to its sensors, increasing its sight range and boosting the range of nearby friendly ships

Viking Destroyer Edit

Description: A cheap anti-ship/anti-submarine escort vessel and support craft.

Weapons: Anti-ship gun turret, anti-submarine depth charges, long range mortar (low damage but debuffs enemy speed and ROF)

Secondary: Switch gun turret and depth charges/mortar

Vanguard Battlecruiser Edit

Description: A scaled down copy of the Jutland-class, this vessel replaces the rear turret with a cruise missile launcher. The missile launcher has longer range than other bombardment vessels (excluding the aircraft carrier), but the missiles it fires can be shot down.

Weapon(s): A single turret with two powerful anti-ship guns, cruise missile launcher

Secondary: Switch gun turret/cruise missile launcher

Niche it fills: Anti-ship/Bombardment

Missile GunboatEdit

Description: An outdated class of vessels dating back to WWII, the Missile Gunboat has been fitted with a missile launcher. It can also defend itself with its deck gun, but is hampered by its lack of armour.

Armament: Surface-to-surface missile launcher. Has a relatively long range and is useful for bombardment, but suffers from minimum range and a lack of accuracy.

Secondary: Switch missile launcher/deck gun. Switches to the missile gunboat's deck gun, which has a much shorter range than the missile launcher and is rather weak, but can be used for self defence in the event it is attacked.

Niche: Shore bombardment vessel, alternative to always having a giant warship for bombardment.

Swordfish Attack SubEdit

Description: These diesel electric submarines, while not as effective as other submarines like the Soviet Akula class, can nevertheless savage unsuspecting ships and are reasonably cheap.

Armament: Torpedo tubes

Secondary: Naval mines; a minefield is placed down at the selected location.

Angler CorvetteEdit

Description: This speedy, dedicated anti-submarine warship is extremely effective against submarines, and can also detect stealthed submarines, though it is useless against anything else.

Armament: Anti-submarine rocket launcher, highly effective against submarines, can be used against submerged targets.

Secondary: Ballast emptier; immobilises submarines and forces them to surface (the old Subhunter secondary)

Niche: Dedicated anti-submarine vessel; use this to supplement your naval forces.

Exocet Light CarrierEdit

Description: These carriers are usually converted from existing warship hulls, and carry a complement of old propeller aircraft.

Armament: Propeller fighters; armed with anti-air machine guns that do bullet damage. Propeller bombers; armed with a single burst dealing bomb each.

Secondary: Switch fighters/bombers

Repair TugEdit

Description: A repurposed civilian vessel, the Repair Tug is equipped to repair other ships. Alternatively, it can attack enemy naval vessels. While this attack is melee ranged and does little damage, it also disables the movement of the ship in question, allowing other ships to move in for the kill.

Armament: Repair Arm (like the Engineer IFV)/Sabotage (low DPS, melee range, disables target movement)

Secondary: Switch Repair Mode/Sabotage Mode

Niche: Support/Repair

Skyshield DestroyerEdit

Description: Dedicated anti-air destroyer, armed with surface to air missiles and a suite of electronic countermeasures.

Armament: Surface-to-air missiles

Secondary: Countermeasures; the Skyshield fires off flares and chaff, temporarily making it impossible for enemy units to attack anything within the radius of effect. Units inside the radius of effect cannot fire out either, however.

Niche: Naval anti-air

Vortex Landing CraftEdit

Description: An amphibious transport rejected by the Allies in favour of the Assault Lander, the Vortex is only armed with a weak machine gun for self defence, but has a transport capacity rivalling transports like the Omni Lander or the Lazarus. It can carry infantry or vehicles, or a mix of both.

Armament: Weak machine gun

Secondary: Disembark

Niche: Generic, cheap, large capacity naval transport for International Inc.


Description: These expert marksmen are skilled in urban warfare, and are stealthed when garrisoned.

Armament: Bolt-action sniper rifle

Secondary: Parasite Round: Fires a tiny round at an enemy vehicle, dealing no damage but allowing you to share the vehicle's sight range. It only lasts for 30 seconds, though.

Niche: Sniper

Jihad Constructor Bull Edit

Description: The GLA collector vehicle modified from JBC diggers and trucks to suit their needs, has no weapons but can use its secondary to build garrisonable civilian structures.

Weapon(s): N/A

Secondary:Builds a small civilian building to use as a garrison, or just to simply wall of an area with a sheer mass of buildings.

Niche it fills: Collector/Wall builder

Bazaar Edit

Description: A U-shaped building with a giant trap door in the middle, the Bazaar is where the GLA deposits ore for processing and sales from under the table deals.

Niche: GLA ore refinery

Fennec cargo walker Edit

Description: A stolen Soviet four-legged truck walker that the GLA converted into a ore collector. Can only carry half the ore of other collectors, but moves twice as fast. Secondary is to flea jump, similar to the Sickle.

Weapons: None

Secondary: Flea jump. Stuns enemies upon landing.

Niche: GLA ore collector

War MinerEdit

Description: The GLA ore collector, the War Miner also carries a cache of explosives that can be detonated on command.

Weapons: None

Secondary: Detonate. Destroys the War Miner and hopefully any nearby enemies as well.

Niche: GLA ore collector


Description: A worker, who pushes around an ore filled wheelbarrow. They can collect ore, and are barefoot. They are cheaper than regular ore collectors, but collect less ore, and are also considerably more vulnerable.

Weapons: None.

Secondary: Build expansion building/ore refinery. This costs money.

Niche: GLA ore collector and expansion unit. Also, for the lulz.

Mujahideen Horsemen Edit

Description: These horse riding men are armed with a sabre effective against infantry, and grenade launcher for armoured targets.

Weapon(s): Anti-infantry melee range sabre

Secondary: Switch to anti-tank grenade launcher

Tortoise supply trackEdit

Description: Blue Chinese ore collector. It carries a load of sandbags which block movement but not gunfire, and also give nearby units a significant defensive boost.

Looks like the tracked trailer in the background towed by an unarmed weasel tankette.

Armament: None

Secondary: Deploy sandbag wall (for a cost)

Niche: Ore collector and defensive support

"Blue Chicken" Atomic land mine Truck Edit

Armament: none


Niche: Desperate defence of last resort

Description: A small, unarmed, expensive, truck which can irreversibly (and time consumingly) deploy into a stealthed land mine, armed with one of Blue China's few remaining atomic warheads. The mine will only detonate if triggered by a passing enemy unit (thus this unit cannot be used as a suicide vehicle). Concept loosely based on this historical, somewhat insane idea [1].

Indian Defender Secondary: War Cry Edit

Description: Defenders temporarily gain increased movement speed and ROF as well as tripled suppression for their weapons, and become impossible to suppress. However, they deal 1/3 damage with their rifles and take 50% more damage. While the secondary is active, Defenders can also use their rifles as a bludgeoning weapon, which serves as a Finishing Blow against suppressed targets.

Cutlass Ramjet: Ground AttackEdit

Description: Give the Cutlass the ability to attack surface units, in addition to their ability to attack aircraft. Currently, they aren't much use, seeing as the only air unit Red China has is in reinforcements.

Weapons: Machine guns with disruptor damage.

Field EngineerEdit

Description: These soldiers are specialists in fortifying areas, and can construct a variety of support defences to help secure a position, and can also place demo charges on walls and defences. However, they are slow moving and have little health.

Weapons: Siege damage demolition charges, structures only.

Secondary: Deploy. Once deployed, Field Engineers project a build radius, within which they can build support defences to supplement your deployables.

Support Defences:

Anti-Tank Minefield: Effective against tanks and vehicles, but will not detonate if stepped on by infantry. Complements the Nationalists' anti-personnel minefield.

Roadblock: The Blue Chinese wall, roadblock sections can be crushed but will damage vehicles that do so.

Observation Tower: A raised platform with a roof, the Observation Tower has no weapons but provides a large sight radius.

Reclaimer mobile refinery Edit

Description: A stolen Mammoth tank, the Reclaimer attaches itself to ore nodes to provide a slow but steady stream of cash. It also mounts a pair of machine guns to fend off infantry and aircraft.

Weapons: Twin machine guns, anti-infantry/anti-air

Secondary: Unlock. disconnects itself from the ore node it's currently attached to.

Niche: All-in-one resource gatherer and refinery for the Cult.

Eagle Attack HelicopterEdit

Armament: 20mm autocannons (air only), air to air missiles (lock-on 3 seconds, limited ammo 8, reload time 25), .50 door gun (ground only)

Secondary: Speed Boosters. Boosts the Eagle to jet fighter speeds, disables door gun and reduces maneouvrability.

Niche: Anti Air

"Arkham" Armored Van Edit

Description:Ever wondered how the cult survived talon,allies's assaults? the answer is the "Arkham" Armored van! capable to be an yet-sturdy,but fast apc,this van could transform into a bunker.yes..a bunker! capable to hold passenger of 3,this van becomes the cult's main line of defense,and transport.


Secondary:Transforms into the bunker mentioned above.

Niche it fills: Cult's defense,and siege unit.

This is the Reckoner APC from KW.

Casanova Heavy TankEdit

Description: The ARVN picked up the Casanova heavy tank as a counter to the VCs Mammoth Tank.

weapons: One 125mm Cannon

Secondary: Cluster round in the tube, fires a cluster round taking down infantry and light armor aslo damanges structures but not much

Upgrades: Improved ROF/Armour

Niche it fills: Heavy tank.

They don't need a heavy tank

Prism RavagerEdit

Sescription: Based off the old prism tank, this machine is the most advanced thing the Allied Reservists can get

Weapons: Prism Gun

Secondary: Prism weapon splits to three and fires off an overcharged blasted though it disables the unit, it causes a high amount of damage

upgrade: possible spectrum weapon

niche: ambush weapon and to replace the denied specturm tank

Razor Back CarrierEdit

Description: Simple armored personnel can carry 5 men

Weapons: Shotgun and grenade launcher

Secondary: Heals units when stationary and provides support.

Upgrade: Spectrum auto-gun replaces grenade launcher, doubled carrying capacity

Niche: APC

They already have a carrier

Blizzard ExosuitEdit

description: the blizzard exosuit is a cryo unit equipped with a blizzard rifle that uses the extreme blast of cold to kill rather than freeze.

weapons: one blizzard rifle, cyro grenades

secondary: switch to cyro grenades, adds an AOE to freezing

upgrade?: liquid nitrogen booster, increases range and freeze time

niche it fills: unit stopper and cyro based weapon for reservist

Venom Tank Secondary: Rainbow ArtilleryEdit

Description: Immobilizes the tank for a few seconds to fire a hidden artillery cannon. The cannon fires a canister of acidic (but colorful) gas at a high arc. The canister dispenses gas in flight and on impact creating a rainbow of death. Takes a bit for the ability to recharge and the impact area is small but it slows infantry in addition to (lightly) damaging them and stuns buildings. Has Line Fire, Area of Effect, Lingers, and Lock On.

Niche: The ability can be used to help the venom tank to close the distance gap against enemy infantry or disable defenses. Also, two Venom Tanks = double rainbow.

Scientist Edit

Description: Blue chinese scientist, responsible for creating and maintaining National Revolutionary Army abominations. Built limit of 1.

Weapon: None. However, any Blue Chinese infantry around him will only receive half the damage, cannot be suppressed and gain 150% speed boost. These bonuses do not apply to the scientist himself.

Secondary:Jade dust: Target a friendly infantry unit near the scientist. The unit explodes in a cloud of Jade, which lingers the battlefield for a short amount of time. Infantry come in contact with the cloud will take damage over time and vehicles will be slowed down.

Niche: support/special infantry

Blue/Red China Deathmatch VariantEdit

After one side has won the battle, atomic bombs get dropped over the whole field, destroying everything as the win/lose picture comes up.

Centurion Engineering Vehicle Edit

Description: A support/ construction unit based on old tank chassis. Looks like a tank with and excavator turret and a bulldozing prow. Can deploy to construct cheap defenses such as tank bunkers, gun bunkers or infantry bunkers that reduce the damage done to units garrisoned inside. Others could include anti-tank trenches that block movement but not weapon fire. Weapon(s):none Secondary: deploy/ pack up Niche it fills: allows Blue china to create ideal defensive positions, and shape terrain to better suit there tactics.

Rocket BuggyEdit

Description: Generals/ Zero hour Shoutut of the rocket buggy, only modded to fit Paradox's style and the GLA's strengths.

Weapon: Two V2 Rocket pods, One jury rigged machine gun.

Secondary: Switch High explosive/ Toxin rockets.

Niche to fill: Hit and run unit.


Description: A cheap car of International Inc design, this car can transport a single infantryman, and is innocuous enough that no one would think to fire on it unless given a direct order to. In addition, the unmarked car will disguise itself as a car prop while stationary. However, it has no weapons of any sort, and also has weak armour.

Weapons: None

Secondary: Disembark

Flak Commando Edit

Description: The natural counterpart to the DPRK commando, the Flak Commando uses a "Misznay" Flak Cannon, the same used by the Flak troopers. However, unlike Flak troopers, the Flak Commando is highly trained, and is extremely lethal. Their warheads are also special made, switching out the old HE rounds for tungsten core penetrators. This makes them highly efficient tank killers, matching, even surpassing the Javelin trooper in terms of effectiveness. They still use the proximity fused flak rounds against air targets. They are also equipped with extremely high velocity shells that have ridiculous effective ranges, although the recoil is too great for even this commando to fire while standing up.

Armament: "Misznay" Flak Cannon

Secondary: Deploy/Undeploy (Deploys into fixed position, switches to siege shells. Greatly increased range, increased damage, decreased RoF/Packs up and uses normal shells)

Niche: Anti Tank/Anti Artillery (especially Vickers Machine guns, with those things, the NK reinforcements cannot even approach a BC line)

Needle Sniper Name Change: AcupuncturistEdit

Description: The Needle Sniper is the only Cult infantry whose name does not begin with the letter A. Plus, the name Acupuncturist sounds cool.

Niche it fills: Needle Sniper's name fits with the rest of Cult Infantry.

Needle Sniper Secondary Edit

Description: Tranquilizer Darts: Puts an enemy infantry unit to sleep for a few secconds. A sleeping unit may take no actions and has reduced armour, but will wake up if it suffers damage.

Niche it fills: Opening up enemy infantry units for an ambush.

Buggy Secondary: Poison ExhaustEdit

Description: For the duration of the secondary, the Buggy leaves behind a lingering trail of poisonous gases that deals toxin damage and debuffs movement speed. In addition, it also gains a temporary boost to its speed.

Needle Sniper Secondary: Virus DartsEdit

Description: Toggles Virus Darts: Debuffs and slowly damages enemies until they are healed, and causes self-healing infantry to lose that ability.

Cult Cobra Artillery Secondary: GOOP ShellsEdit

The Cobra Artillery's current second is just napalm shells, which strays into the area of its normal enemy, as well as being out of theme for the cult. As such, I suggest the use of GOOP Shells instead, 'acquired' from the Riot Agent Corps, allowing you to stick an enemy in place until you can bring up reinforcements or just so you can bombard them at your leisure without them running away.

Korean Myeche Battle CarEdit

Description: An open-topped Myeche combat vehicle armed with a recoiless rifle and room for three passengers, who can fire out.

Primary: Anti-tank recoiless rifle

Secondary: Unload passengers

Niche it fills: Reinforcement land-transport unit.

The DPRK Commandoes can run down cars. They have no need for a transport.

Dozer Buildable Defences:

  • "Terra" Anti-Air system: Anti air system specifically designed for a high rate of fire. Firing in series of four, the Terra can easily swat copters and lighter aircraft from the skies. The autoloaders maintain a near constant stream of missles, but this pattern can be overridden, firing all four missles at the same time. (but it takes a few moments for the autoloaders to resume work after such an override)
  • "Spearhead" Torpedo-based Naval Defence: Torpedo-based defence developed for allied island countries, to defend against soviets or pirates. With the entire firing mechanism hidden underwater, the structure is surprisingly resilient. Its torpedoes can hit most, if not all naval targets, while the depth charges can force any nearby submarine to surface.


Description: A one-man four-wheeled vehicle that can carry a single infantry. By default, comes with a Rebel. Possesses the Crash Saftey tag.

Weapon: The driver can bang away with a semi-automatic carbine, unless the driver is a Terrorist, in which case he will simply drive the quad into the infidel and blow up.

Secondary: Disembarks the driver, leaving the ATV to be taken by whoever gets to it.

Niche: Rapid infantry flanking transport.

Blue China Mastiff secondary ability: Hull downEdit

Description: secondary ability for the mastiff medium tank. Tank becomes immobile but gains armor. also, in hull down mode the engine only needs to power the turret so this will go faster. And, as the driver no longer needs to be behind 'the wheel' he can do other things like helping with reloading the gun or doing repairs.

niche it fills: the mastiff needed a secondary after the scrapping of the cover system and Blue china needs a way to defend newly won territory until the front line can be shifted. (the 17 pounders, vickers mg nests and silkworm missile posts)

They think they can get the Trench Dragger to work.


Description: The Gladiators are massive cyborgs, the horrendous creations of Blue Chinese scientists. Armed with a pairs of power claws and armoured with thick steel plating, the Gladiators can take down most enemies, as well as sustain large amount of damage before malfunction. However, they are slow, and must get close to enemies to deal damage, so they can be easily outrunned. Building, on the other hand, can't run away, and will be turned in to rubble in no time.The Gladiators are also equipped with crude rocket pack on the back, allow them to jump at helicopters

Weapon: dual power claws.

Secondary: Rocket jump: Jump at helicopters, drag them to the ground.

Niche it fills: base razer, anti helicopters

Acrimony Helicopter Edit

Description: A stealthed Cult Sparrow.

Weapon(s): None.

Secondary: Drops a large hallucinogenic bomb.

Niche it fills: Cult rear line disruptor.

Caiman support tank Edit

Description: A basic converted Jackson APC with a raised section and fire ports which allow up to 4 arvn infantry to fire out from protection

Weapon(s): none

Secondary:Evacuate passengers

Niche it fills: Sketch said on the cast the arvn need more hitters, this unit allows arnv infantry to hit from within protection, but as it is a converted apc, it isn't too heavily armoured to be OP.

Alligator support tankEdit

Description: A basic converted Jackson APC with a mortar in the back firing either phosphorus and magnesium rounds. Phosphorus rounds disrupt infantry targets reducing their speed and ROF due to being disorientated by the explosions. Magnesium rounds work on Veichles as the Super reactive magnesium uses up the oxygen in vacinity increasing the load speed of all non energy guns as their is less gas to operate the auto-loaders.

Weapon(s): Magnesium/phosphorus mortar. Low damage disruptive fire support.

Secondary: switch Magnesium/phosphorus

Niche it fills: defensive atillery. Sketch said on the cast the arvn need more hitters, this unit sits behind the lines allowing front line units a chance to do more damage.

Gryphon BiplaneEdit

Description: A creaky old biplane from WW1, the Gryphon is crewed by three highly enthusiastic rebels, one to pilot thencraft and the other two to man the machine guns. The Gryphon's two engines are mounted on the wings so a gun nest can be fitted in the nose with a second rear-facing nest toward the back. The Gryphon's oddest feature is that two infantry can ride on the wings, think of the plane scene from the first Mummy movie and you get the idea.

Main Weapon: 2x Twin Vickers Machine Guns, (high ROF, medium-to-low damage, can attack air and ground targets) one pair in the nose gun nest, another in the rear nest.

Secondary: Drop passengers-The two GLA soldiers hitching a ride on the wings are unceremoniously booted off the Gryphon (don't worry, they get parachutes, albeit tatty ones almost as old as the plane itself)

Niche It Fills: Gives the GLA a tool to take fight enemy air units, escourt Devastation bombers on attack runs, raid the enemy base when ground attack isn't an option and scout. Plus the two guys hanging off the wings is lulzy.

Didn't like

Armor Hunter Secondary: Frag RocketEdit

A special rocket that sends infantry flying (in a radius) rather that damaging them, the same principle can be applied on buildings to knock an infantry unit out of them. (knockback rocket, degarrisons one unit if a garrisoned building i targeted)

Lasher TankEdit

Description: A nimble midsize tank that almost completely forgoes armor in favor of mobility and (to a lesser extent) firepower. Its stout 88mm direct-fire howitzer is great against buildings, but is utter crap against vehicles. A drum mounted on the front of the tank affords it a degree of anti-vehicle ability as well, and both weapons are passable against infantry - but it should be noted that it's probably a better idea to use a specialized anti-infantry unit, as the difficulty of reloading a large-bore gun in a turret made for something smaller is very notable.

Primary weapon: 88mm Howitzer - A slow-to-reload but hard-hitting cannon that can make short work of most buildings without problems, but struggles much more than it has any right to against tanks.

Secondary: Redirect Power: Redirects power from the turret to the treads and drum, letting the tank combat enemy vehicles in a manner not unlike the Uprising Grinder. Note that it cannot attack buildings, and multiple Lashers will probably be needed to kill most vehicles in a reasonable amount of time.

Niche it fills: Reinforcement Unit

I really only borrowed the drum bits and the name from the Yuri's Revenge unit - I pretty much picture this thing looking like a Panzer III/IV a la WoT with a drum on the front.

Nevertheless, it is taken from another game, and it's too much like a Horizon at any rate.

Ezekiel's Wheel Secondary: OverdriveEdit

Description: The Ezekiel's Wheel targets a location/enemy unit/building, revs itself up and ten rams the target at high speed in the same manner as the King Oni's Bull Rush. This attack deals a good amount of damage and can help the Ezekiel best heavily-armoured opponents that could outlast it in combat, it also makes a kickass way to start an ambush.

GAP Tank Mk.1 "Stalker" Edit

Description: Looks wise it's esentially the old Mirage tank: [[2]] but fused with the missle system of the RA2 Chrono Tank. Without the bulky capacitors of a Spectrum cannon the Stalker can fit more armour than the Mirage, making it more durable than it's sister tank but it is by no means frontline tank. Another advantage the Stalker has over it's sister is that the Stalker can camoflague itself while moving however it's GAP generator lacks the tech to project the Mirage's GAP bubble.

Weapon(s): 2x Missle Pod (each pod is basically the same as the basic missle turret from the Mk.1 Multigunner IFV but a bit more effective against vehicles and buildings) Mk.1 GAP Generator

Secondary: Switches between using the missle pods and powering the stealth generator.

Niche: Anti-armour/anti-air ambushes.

Indian Marauder Edit

Description: Reinforcement unit. A Marauder upgraded and modified by the Indiam army. Faster and lighter armored than the off-the-shelf variety.

Weapon(s): Twin 80mm cannons

Secondary: Charges straight forward, ramming into anything in front of it. If it hits a vehicle/building, it will be slightly damaged, but the target will be more so.

Niche it fills: Reinforcement anti-tank/heavy hitter.

Armour Hunter Secondary: Flashbang Rockets Edit

Description: The Armour Hunter is equipped with a selection of rocket propelled flashbangs, which are quite useful for letting them drive enemy units out of bunkers and other garrisoned buildings.

Niche: Allows the black hand to deal with units garrisoned in buildings.

Heroic Upgrade: Gas Rockets - Elite Armour hunters are given rocket propelled flashbangs with vials of the gas used so well by Acolyte grenades, making enemies not only driven out of whatever building they had seeked cover within, but also rendering them under the effect of the hallucination gas used by so many other black hand units.

Gunner's Hide Edit

Description: At its base this is just a concealed tent used by big game hunters to hunt.. well, big game. The Cult has found to its delight that with some sown in metal plates and thermal blankets, these camouflaged installations are also very concealable even on a modern battle field. This makes them a nice and nasty surprise for any Steel Talons in the area....

Weapon(s): A anti material rifle, probably purchased from the Confederate Revolutionaries.

Secondary: Pull the gun in, zip up, disappear into stealth until its time to shoot someone again!

Niche it fills: In minor faction death-matchs the cult has no turrets or other such fixed defenses as of yet.

Needle Sniper Secondary: Plague DartEdit

Description: The Needle Sniper can shoot a needle filled with a deadly pathogen. The pathogen slowly kills the enemy over time, and will spread from the infected unit to any other nearby infantry while the unit is still alive.

Niche: Secondary for the Needle Sniper

Addition to one before this oneEdit

then plague dart kills target toxins linger near corpse creating invisible area denial zone.

Niche: paranoia

Buggy Secondary: Vent GasEdit

Description: The Buggy can release a large cloud of hallucinogens all around it, at the cost of you temporarily losing control of the Buggy, as it goes berserk itself.

Niche: Secondary for the Buggy.

Janissary Edit

Description: A slow marching, but armored Infantry unit used as the white guard's infantry unit. strong vs vehicles, paticularly lighter ones, the janissary can defend himself and nearby allies from attacks by using his shield. Unfortunately, this reduces movement speed and prevents him from attacking.

Weapon(s): Grenade launcher

Secondary: Defend (Basicly the peacekeeper's Riot Shield)

Niche it fills: Reinforcement infantry

Insane Joe (I suck with names)Edit

(Loosely based off Crazy Ivan. Only way more on the CRAZY end)

Description: An infantry unit that's, for lack of a better term, COMPLETELY BATS**T INSANE. He plants bombs everywhere. On the ground, on enemy units, on your OWN units, anything you want. After wiring up everything, he presses the button and KABOOM! Also, if he dies, he explodes.

Weapon: Bombs. Lots of bombs. And insanity.

Secondary: detonate all bombs. (Only the bombs planted by that specific Joe can be detonated. If it dies, the bombs disappear)

Niche it fills: Blowing s**t up REAL GOOD, being generally funny in the quotes and CRAZY. It would seem like the kind of unit the GLA might hire as well.

Newt Tank DestroyerEdit

Description: International Inc. is always looking for new areas to make money in. The newt is an attempt to make a tank destroyer suitable for unstable and swampy areas, and that is still both powerful and cheap. The result is a unique amphibious tank destroyer.

Weapon: A very powerful (if unusual) 80 mm cannon mounted on an ultra light amphibious base.

Nonexistent armor balances out the above average speed and damage.

Niche it fills: Gives II both a tank destroyer (it makes sense they'd have one) and a amphibious vehicle (to compensate for lack of inf, and to give a tactical side)

Dozer Buildable Defence: Vulcan AutocannonEdit

Description: The Vulcan is a powerful mid-range 40mm Autocannon mounted on an armoured base. It shreds light vehicles and infantry with ease, but it's not very strong and can do a bit more than annoy armoured vehicles and cannot target aircraft. (Looks a bit like the little Terran gun turret of SC2).

Weapon: 40mm Armour Piercing Low-Price Buy-one-and-get-one-free Autocannon, strong against light vehicles and infantry.

Secondary: Overcharge: Overworks the main gun and increase RoF insanely, damaging it and reducing firing speed afterward.

Dozer Buildable Defence: 75mm PositionEdit

Description: The 50mm is a light artillery gun, having a range slightly superior to usual defences. However, it doesn't pack much firepower and engages only vehicles easily, infantry take low dammages and aircraft cannot be targeted.

Weapon: 75mm Armour Piercing Anti-Tank gun.

Dozer Buildable Defence: Rocket NestEdit

Description: Little base defence, similar to an anti-air rocket launcher in a trench. It has the advantage of taking low damages from the ground, but don't expect something wonderful when firing.

Weapon: Series of 4 rocket rail, attacking only Air units.

Secondary: Entrenching: Hides the Rocket Nest, increasing even more it's defence, in exchange of a diminished fire rate.

Dozer Buildable Defence: "Smoky" Gatling AutoShotgunEdit

Description: A true pinnacle of engineering, the smoky is a working combination of a Gatling gun and a shotgun. The high rate of fire and many fired pellets will bring even the most armored infantry to the ground in no time, however the pellets are ineffective against anything else (except maybe light vehicles).

Secondary: Dragon's Breath With a flick of a switch, the gun will start using specialized incendiary rounds, the rounds pack no punch, but set anything in their way ablaze, be that man, building or tree.

Dozer Buildable Defence: FirebaseEdit

Description: Really nothing more than a cement tower armed to the teeth, the firebase is ideal for the soviet market. Boasting 90mm cannons and a heavy machine gun, the defence can handle both tanks and aircraft with equal ease (although it really isn't the best at its job).

North Korean Tank Slayer Edit

Description: North Korean commandos equipped for anti-tank/fortification missions.

Weapon(s): Fuel-Air RPGL, capable of easily demolishing tanks and structures.

Secondary: Throws smoke grenades. MiG nines get a range bonus firing at whatever the smoke grenade hits.

Niche it fills: NK anti-vehicle infantry.

Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf.J "Black Widow" Edit

Description: The Cult know that sometimes they will have to face their enemies head on, so they need something to lead their force to the battlefield. They managed to get their hand on the WW2 German tank prototype Pz.Kpfw. IV, which is never reach production. The Cult is able to reversed engineering the prototype, upgraded it and put to mass production. Agile, outdated, but with strong armour and still capable as ever, the Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.J, now called "Black Widow", serving as the armour spearheads for the Cult, while the infamous and lighly armoured Scorpion tanks and Ezekiel's Wheels attack the enemies from the rear.

Weapon: 7.5 cm KwK 49 tank gun.

Secondary: Frenzy assault ( the Pz.Kpfw. IV releases special chemical agents from its gas tubes, make your infantry around it go to frenzy state. They will move faster, fire faster, immune to suppress but they fire inaccurately, can't garrison building and can't gain benefit from covers. Enemy infantry inside the gas will be weakened. The effect of this ability will end after a short amount of time )

Niche: Anti tank, infantry support.

Crimson Swordman Edit

Description: The Black Hand soon realized that they don't have anything to counter the Talon close-quarter combat units. The Crimson Swordman is the Cult's melee specialist. Equipped with heavy armor, armed with poison blade and AT grenades, he can take care of every type of enemies, and can take a large amount of punishment before going down. He also can drink his narcotic-based cocktails, increases his speed and durability but he will go into berserk state- attacks enemy and friendly units alike, so use carefully !

Weapons: Poison blade ( uses when attacking infantry ), AT grenades ( uses when attacking vehicles ).

Secondary: Berserk ( increase speed and durability, but you can't control him and he will attack every units near him, friends or foes). End after a short amount of time.

Niche: Anti vehicle, anti infantry, close quarter combat.


Apostate Edit

Description: One of the many 'civilians' with Cult ties, the Apostate is a useful information gathering method for the Cult of the Black Hand. While unable to attack, it can disguise itself as an enemy infantry unit in the manner of an Allied spy, and its secondary, Accusation, can help surgically remove troublesome infantry.

Weapon(s): Disguise kit. Otherwise unarmed.

Secondary: Accusation. The Apostate accuses an enemy infantry of being a Black Hand sympathiser in disguise, throwing enemy units into a panic and causing them to target it as if it were one of their enemies for a short time. Note that this does not last long, as the soldiers will quickly calm down.

Niche: Scouting, surgically removing infantry.

No, Grenades are the way!

Reinforcements Suggestion Edit

For reinforcements, the cult could call upon their members hidden in the militaries of the various factions. As a result, the reinforcements are a rag tag assorted collection of modified vehicles from multiple factions, giving the Cult the punching power it needs to take down a fortified defense around an objective.

Deck Cannon Edit

Description: At the end of World War 2, the Soviets found themselves with a wide variety of equipment which they, bluntly speaking, didn't need anymore. Among other things, they had a large amount of Typhoon attack subs that they didn't need anymore, not with the new Akula subs about. And so, years before the modern submarine forces would go looking for some nice deck guns, certain Black Hand controlled companies took on the job of scrapping these old subs. And so it was that a number of their old deck guns... vanished. Easy to transport and easy to set up, they've been being used as defensive weapons for black hand temples ever since.

Weapon(s): Deck Gun. These old antiship weapons hover in the void between a true anti infantry weapon and a anti vehicle weapons. While somewhat to slow firing to truly suppress enemy infantry, it's shells are just to weak to really threaten a modern tank. Still, it does soft counter both, so it has it's place.

Secondary: Flashbang Shells: Fires off a volley of flashbang shells at a target, debuffing everything around with the noise and light, as well as revealing enemy stealth units.

Niche: Defense for Skirmish.

Heroic: Explosive rounds: While many deck guns were... salvaged, far smaller is the supply of explosive shells for the deck guns, as most were used in combat, leaving a far smaller surplus. Still, enough is left to hand them out to where the cult needs some extra firepower.


Mediator Monk Edit

Description: Reinforcement unit. A Tibetan monk using his meditation-based psychic abilities to bring peace to China.

Weapons: Focuses on a single unit or base defense, convincing it/ its crew to shun violence and not attack so long as he focuses on them.

Secondary: Uses his meditation to stimulate healing for Infantry around him.

Niche: Non-violent support unit for fast Indian reinforcements.

Indian Reservists must swarm

Rebel Secondary Idea - Booby trap Edit

Description: If the GLA Rebels have no clickable secondary yet (as disguising could be done via simple command ala Spy), they could use booby traps.

Ability: Booby trap - you use this on a friendly or civilian structure. When an enemy gets near it it blows up. This is obviously more harmful to units than the structure.

Niche it fills: A mean mean trap - and the GLA like mean traps.

Rebel Secondary Idea - War cry Edit

Description: If the GLA Rebels have no clickable secondary yet (as disguising could be done via simple command ala Spy), they could use a kind of war cry.

Ability: War cry - the Rebel shouts and fires into the air, inspiring infantry around him to fight a little harder. Everyone gets a small bonus of firepower and range for a short time. The rebel who used it is obviously out of bullets afterward and cannot shoot.

Niche it fills: Improve infantry around the Rebel.

Dune Tower Edit

Weapon(s): Grenade Launcher. These old World War II weapons have been bought in mass by GLA, and make up a potent defensive weapon when equipped to the hidden Dune Towers. Their Shrapnel Grenades are of limited use verses enemy vehicles though.

Secondary: Sand Netting: These low lying towers are easily hidden with some fast camouflage netting and sand, becoming just another sand dune... Until, that is, it is time to destroy some infidels.

Niche: Defense for Skirmish.

Heroic: Toxin Grenades: While only the most elite defenders are entrusted with them, some grenades have been soaked in Toxins, allowing their jagged shards to poison everything they cut up.

Razor Unmanned Surface Vehicle Edit

Armament: 30mm Turret mounted Autocannon (x1)

Secondary: Deploy

Niche: High Speed Flanker/Capturing Unit (Unit used to capture objectives)

Description: The Razor is a RC controlled unmanned surface vehicle capable of keeping pace with IFVs. Its thin steel plating is highly effective against small arms fire, but offers virtually no protection against anti-tank weapons. It has a 30mm cannon that is effective against infantry, aircraft and the rear armor of tanks. When deployed, it gains a significant armor boost and deploying it near an objective will initiate the objective capturing sequence for the II. However, the Razor is much much more expensive than standard infantry.

Other Notes: I thought of making II a fast response faction like the ARVN, capable of fighting an enemy army head on, and having the speed to move between objectives quickly to defend/attack them.

Scorpion Secondary Edit

Secondary 1: Deploy

Niche: Thanks to the Scorpion Repair Kit™, the immobile Scorpion can repair himself, increasing his durability.

Secondary 2: Boost

Niche: Thanks to the Scorpion Insane-Mix Fuel™, the Scorpion will sometime be able to take a boost, useful to escape from a sticky situation, like the encounter of a Mammoth Tank.

Red Guard Secondary Suggestion Edit

Description: Secondary causes the Red Guard to charge and attack with their bayonet. Works in the same way as the Imperial Warrior's beam katana.

Niche: Secondary ability.

Overlord Secondary Suggestion Edit

Description: Reduces Overlord speed, but allows it to crush anything, even superheavies. Lasts only a short while.

Niche: Secondary ability.

UL-76 Chisel Ultra-Light TankEdit

(Reinforcements unit)

Armament: 57mm AT Gun (x1)

Automatic 40mm Grenade Launcher (x1)

Secondary: Disembark

Niche: Amphibious high speed troop transport/Light Tank Support/Fast Strike Craft

Heroic Upgrade: Turbofan engines (increased speed)

Description: The Chisel is a Soviet made amphibious light tank. Can transport five commandoes and can be carried by a helix.. Although the armour is slightly weaker than MBT armour, the Chisel can easily withstand small-arms fire and even some strikes from MBT cannons. However, the true advantage of the Chisel is speed. Its turbo charged engines give it speed comparable to the Allied IFV, and enable it to run through the Blue's artillery barrage. Its 57mm AT cannon may be weak against tanks, but it is devastating against poorly armoured artillery platforms and its 40mm grenade launcher keeps infantry at bay.

KDB-12DVC "Loki" Edit

Description: The "Loki" is a failed Soviet anti-tank walker project. It's a bipedal walker armed with a pair of poweful hydraulic arms, allows the Loki to rip vehicles to pieces with ease. This extremely aggressive melee attack design made their armours thin and unsuitable for open combat, so the project was cancelled. The existing prototypes were shipped to Vietnam. The Vietcong ( with some help from NVA and Soviet ) has managed to manufacture a relative number of them, upgraded them with burrow equipments and heavy machine guns. The Lokies since then have become one of the most feared war machines in Vietnam war. The VC has used them, combine with the Bulldogs, to destroy many Allied tanks. But beware, the machine gun, while effective against infantry, deals no damage to tanks and has problem with tracking aircrafts, so engaging enemy's airforces is considered the last option. Their armours are also thin, make them very vulnerable to any weapon type and they must close to enemy's vehicles to deal damage.

Weapons: Hydraulic arms (x2), DShK 12.7 mm machine gun.

Secondary: Ambush/Attack: Burrow, become stealth and gain large defense bonus/unburrow to attack with temporary large attack boost. (Similar to Hawker Jumpjet's ability, but burrowing instead of landing)

Niche:Ambusher, Bulldog support

Electro bike Edit

Description: The Soviet sent a large number of broken, unrepairable terror drones to the Vietcong. They were stripped of their AI system and most of their armor, but luckily for the Vietcong, the Electrostasis ray devices still remain, so they attached the terror drones to the back of some of their motorbikes, effectively turned them into mobile electrostasis ray platforms, which is faster but less maneuverable than standard terror drones ( they have slower turning speed ). The bikes are also armed with machine guns for self defence and anti infantry purpose, but they must shut down their electrostasis ray in order to use their guns ( because they don't have sufficient power ).

Weapons: 1x7.62 mm ShKAS machine gun, old Zmeika Electrostasis ray device.

Secondary: Switch Electrostasis ray/machine gun ( disables enemy's vehicles/anti infantry )

Niche: Scout, Harassment

The Vietcong used FIXIES

Spectask trooper ( a.k.a dac cong ) Edit

Description: They are the Vietcong special force. Wearing light armor for fast moving and carrying demo charges for destroying enemy's property, they are masters of guerrila warfare and a bane to the Allied. Their training allows them to operate in every conditions, from under water to the harsh environtment in the jungle. They are also trained in stealth tactic. The damage they caused for the Allied and ARVN worth millions dollar (in 1969 only) .

Weapons: Demo Charges.

Secondary: Bombard pigeon (the Spectask trooper releases his pigeon, which carries explosive. When it comes close enough to the enemy, the pigeon will drop the charge. This deals little damage than the Spectask trooper main attack and the pigeon must return to reload after one attack, but allows the trooper to damage enemy from afar. Note that you can control the pigeon. The pigeon can be killed by one shot, and the trooper only carries one, so if the pigeon dies, the trooper must return to Tunnel Complex to get another. And if the trooper dies, the pigeon will crash to the ground )

Niche: Demolition Specialist.

Note: if you dont want to create new infantry renders, you can reuse the Confederacy Delta ranger's renders ( but with minor changes like clothes ). It also works like the RA2 Crazy Ivan, albeit with amphibious and stealth capabilities.

Fire support boat Edit

Description: Transport boat armed with Soviet made 107 mm D-11 recoiless gun, effective against building and slow moving units. It can also carry 4 infantry on board. It's crew push it from the Tunnel Complex to water.

Weapon: 107 mm D-11 recoiless gun.

Secondary: Disembark passenger

Niche: The Vietcong need something to transport their troops and capable of engaging ARVN Patrol boats on water.

Note: You can make this a special unit, only appears in certain maps. You also can make it as a combination of patrol boat and motor boat, and with a recoiless gun.

Death Volunteer Edit

Description: They are the Vietcong members who are willing to die for their country. Armed with homemade petrol bombs similar to Conscript molotov cocktails and a lunge mine, they charge at dangerous targets such as buildings full of ARVN troops or vehicles without concerne about their life, they have became the worst nightmares for the invaders

Weapon: Homemade petrol bombs ( Pros: clear garrison, good vs building, moderately effective against infantry and vehicle, set target on fire- Cons: slow fire rate, the bombs are slow and inaccurate, short range ) , 1 lunge mine ( deals extremely damage to vehicles- one time use, melee attack )

Secondary: the death volunteer charges at vehicles with lunge mine, ramming at targets, heavily damages or even destroys them. He becomes immune to crush when uses this abilities. Because the lunge mine is the improvised version, the user is only knocked back and wounded, but still alive. Note that the death volunteer only carry 1 lunge mine, so after using his ability must return to Tunnel Network to get another one, and the ability can't be use on infantry or buildings.

Niche: anti garrison, anti building, anti vehicle support

Hammer Tank (North Korean Reinforcements) Edit

Description: An otherwise normal batalion of Soviet Hammer Tanks sent to serve as the North Korean MBT as well as emergency strike unit in the event of an imperial attack or to quash rumors of a robot invasion in the siberian wastes.

Niche it fills: North Korean reinforcement vehicle support

You seem to be having some difficulty with the concept

Mirror FlashEdit

Description: The secondary ability of the Mammoth Tank, this draws enemy fire away nearby allies towards the Mammoth. This only works as long as their are no friendly units closer to the enemy other besides the tank(s).

Niche: The Mammoth is the Vietcong's toughest unit. Though I am basically ripping off CNC4, this is important to the Vietcong and (in my opinion) a logical thing to do, as the Vietcong are not as well armored as their southern counterparts

The Mammoth's default secondary is to tunnel underground. Why would you want to change that?

Anvil Tank (North Korean Reinforcements) Edit

Description: To Support their allies in the Korean War, the Soviets sent them these tanks. To better suit their use in the mountainous terrain, the Koreans modified them to fire faster and sacrificed their armor for additional mobility. It no longer has those sidepods for transporting infantry and having them fire out an explosive "super shell" which does AOE Damage.

Weapon(s): Twin 76.2 mm Cannons

Secondary: Super shell(Yes, I know it sounds stupid)

Niche it fills: North Korean reinforcement vehicle support

North Korea's whole shtick is having awesome commandos. Why wouldn't you have the sidepods?


Description: An old, broken-down vehicle repainted in Cult colors and outiftted with "new" weapons. (Newer, anyway) When produced, appears as a random light vehicle (Tengu, Beagle, Multigunner, etc.)

Weapon: Produced with a random anti-surface weapon. A machine gun, a flamer, rockets, a cannon, anything.

Secondary: Dead Weight: Fakes its own death, appearing to be a destroyed husk until the ability is retoggled, at which point they burst out of the wreckage good as... well, not "good as new," but certainly not any worse off.

Niche: Cultish Randomness, Ambush/Recon

They don't even think they can do this. And who would want it?

Slug artillery platformEdit

Description: A small (old) highpowered artilleryplatform used to deliver antitank shells, can be pulled by vechiles.

prim: the slug uses a gasfilled round, the gas inside this round releases on penetration with enemy armor, and drives a large ammount of oxygen out of the tank, causing the crew to black out. (tough they recover after some time, when the airco has refreshed the cabin

Sec: a drugfilled shel with a superhigh aereosol chemical. the chemical is so light it practically rises to the clouds immediatly, making a large pillar of colored clouds, wich makes a perfect makeshift flare. it also obstructs the vision and targeting systems of bomber craft somewhat.

niche: artillery.

They think it's dumb.

Messiah GeneratorEdit

description: made from a commercial pullable electricity generator, a high pressure (butane) compression system and some homemade gasnozzles, the mayhem generator is a ( pretty heavy portable device pulled along by one unfortunate man.

prim: none, the device can be dragged along by the operator, or by a vechile, in wich case the operator takes a ride on his horse/infernal D.I.Y. weapon.

Sec: the messiah generator operator applies the struts, covers the device with a bush camouflage, and crawls under the machine, before switching it on. The device will now release transparent Aereosol drugs wich influence air open enemies, making them highly influencable, and in a certain state of fogheadedness. this allows cult units to influence them in fighting for the cult's side for a moment

(basicly turns infantry who approach your units in the effect to your side for a small time)

(another idea for the gas is to have it act as a "carrier" for other aereosol drugs, widely increasing their effects to a large aerea while fogheading infantry)

Niche: mayhem device.


Paraf TractorEdit

(suggestion in cojunction with the messiah generator and slug artillery)

decription: a combination of a perfectly fine tractor, 2 bags of waxine lights, an open roof and a doublebarreled moiunted shotgun

prim: the cult managed to make space for a gunner behind the driver, and use the shotgun for enemy engagements, the shotgun is filled with bolo rounds, 2 steel balls connected with piano wire. this round has proven to be mildly effective at decapitating, and epic against helicopters!

sec: the Paraf tractor can pull cult machinery like the mayhem generator. Thanks to the home charged engine, the Tractor is pretty speedy, but accelerates (and decellerates) slowly, otherwise it lies in danger to top over.

niche: Pull device and AA

(heroic suggestion: drug-perfumed waxine lights?)

Just put a trailer hitch on the buggy.

Tank Elephant Edit

Description: Not an Elephant Tank, but an elephant made into a tank. India took its giant mascot animal and outfitted it with enough body armor to withstand heavy barrages of cannon fire. It runs at a goodly pace and takes low damage from most weapons, but has a strange weakness to artillery and other long-range attacks. If it takes enough damage, it will panic and try to escape, as real-life elephants are wont to do.

Weapon(s): Anti-Armor side cannons, Anti-Air guns on back

Secondary: Heroic Trumpet: Make a loud elephantine noise, boosting the morale of nearby allies and increasing their and the elephant's speed.

Niche it fills: Superheavy Blue Chinese Reinforcement

There's so much wrong with this that I wrote 3 paragraphs regarding it on the Blue China talk page

Nest AA battery Edit

Description: An anti-aircraft gun towed by a truck. Deploys to fire.

Weapon(s): Anti-air machine guns

Secondary: Deploys, gaining sandbag barriers that increase it's armor and allows it to fire

Niche it fills: Anti-Air

No more blue China stuff

Stinger Truck Edit

Description: An open-top flatbed truck with three men with anti-air rocket launchers standing (shakily) on the back.

Weapon(s): Three anti-air rockets. Not very effective against vehicles.

Secondary: Throws a tarp over the back, disguising the truck as just another delivery vehicle (stealths).

Niche it fills: Anti-Air

The Technical can attack aircraft

International Inc. Insertion Vehicle Edit

Description: A very large APC that drives up to the II Warehouse within seconds of being called in. It holds all of the essentials for protecting International Inc.'s investments at home and abroad. (Read: International Inc. Reinforcement Protocol)

Weapons: None.

Secondary: Disembark Passengers

Niche: Delivery of II Private Security Forces/Generic Transport


International Inc. Security Guard Edit

Description: II's security forces are some of the better-equipped among the private sector, and its guards are no exception. When II needs more than its on-hand backlog of vehicles to hold down the fort, these are the men they call in. Equipped with Genero-Brand assault rifles (Mint condition! Still in the box!) and paid well beyond their peers' average rate, these troops are the go-to-guys when heavy machinery just won't cut it.

Weapon: Genero® Assault Rifle

Secondary: Here, Have Some Money: Being paid so well has its advantages. Some II Security Guards end up with more money than they know what to do with! In these cases, II's company policy is to take the surplus and weaponize it for use against enemy infantry. When the secondary is activated, the Security Guard throws a fat wad of cash to the targeted area. Enemy infantry nearby will immediately rush to the dropped money, intent on grabbing as much as they can. If they're still alive after shoveling as much money as they can into their pockets, they immediately flee the battle, attempting to preserve their newfound wealth.

In technical terms, the Security Guard's secondary affects most enemy infantry in a small radius. Affected infantry will move to the targeted spot, then flee for a few seconds. They cannot be controlled within this time frame. Costs $250-$500 to use.

Niche: Anti-Infantry/Crowd Control


International Inc. Search Copter Edit

Description: In the quite likely event of a robbery on II property, Search Copters are the prescribed method of keeping tabs on the criminals. Their high-wattage searchlights and famously inaccurate doorguns are a recipe for hilarity on the pursuers' end, and terror on the target's. While not overtly fast, they are more than capable of keeping up with most infantry. OFten, they are deployed alongside other II security forces as the proverbial "eye-in-the-sky," keeping track of the detatchment's surroundings.

Weapon: Searchlight (Exposes target and all enemies in an area around it, allowing friendly units to fire on them from farther away and with more damage)

Secondary: Five Rounds Rapid: The doorgunner takes aim at the targeted point or unit and lets loose with a hail of lead over a wide area. Search Copter gunners are not very well-trained, however, and rarely (if ever) hit anything. This does nothing to stop the sheer volume of fire from suppressing any enemy infantry in the area of effect. Rumours abound that II has replaced the live ammunition on Search Copters with cheaper dummy rounds for just this reason. II itself has refused to comment.

Niche: Ground Support/Infantry Suppression.


Propaganda Truck Edit

Armament: None (Unless you count loud speakers)

Secondary: Deploy

Niche: Support unit

Description: A truck that constantly blasts Red China propaganda into the area, it causes nearby troops to fight with more zeal than usual. Additionally, buried amdist all the propaganda are tips on how to heal yourself/repair your tank, enabling units near the truck to self heal. The truck can deploy into a propaganda outpost, which not only has a significantly large range, but also debuffs any enemy units in that range. Do note however, that the truck is very fragile and highly vulnerable to Crossbow attacks.

They’d rather put it on another vehicle

Hacker Edit

Description: Don't worry, not computer based. Cuts power/fuel lines to shut down buildings, uses fake singles to steal enemy funds.

Weapon(s): Temporarly shut down building (must be adjacentd to the building to work).

Secondary: Targets an Refinery, wires a small amount of funds from it via telegraph.

Niche it fills: Anti-Structure, pre-assualt sabotage

Already suggested, and it's an import from another game anyways

Hope Artillery PieceEdit

Description: A modest field artillery piece dating from the Great War. Isn't self-propelled, so is extremely slow. Can use shovels and a supply of barbed wire to dig in.

Weapon(s): 100mm cannon. fires moderate damage high AOE HE shells at long-ish ranges.

Secondary: Dig in: the Hope loses the ability to move, but becomes much tougher and gains increased range.

Niche: Defensive artillery

Juuust got edged out in the Reservists

Guard TowerEdit

Description: A defensive bunker, modeled off the guard towers of prisons. it allows garrisoned troops to fire over walls.

Secondary:Evacuate Garrison

Niche it fills:Provides a variable defense that can fire over walls;

(Does it work here?)

No, it doesn't

Civilian StructureEdit

Outpost: A WWI structure with ground-based repair drones, a missile turret, and a small build radius.

Buggy secondaryEdit

Instead of Speedboeast it should be a Toxic Smoke Bomb. This can not only distract enemies like the Dustrunner, but also poisions infantry.

Crossbow Helicopter secondaryEdit

Should need it to change the weapon, thus can only use either its Grenades (Anti-Ground/Supression) or its Machineguns (anti-Helicopter).

Marauder Jihad PowerEdit

The GLA Marauder could boost GLA units by its nearby presence. When the Marauder is destroyed, the GLA units nearby will be debuffed for a short time.

Vanquisher ShellsEdit

Could get 25% chance to clear one or three garrisonised infantry. They're disgned to punch into Bunkers, after all.

Helix Assault Helicopter VariantsEdit

The page states that the Helix has different weapons/transport Secondaries, which sound impossible cause of codin. Why not making 3 different variants at the Propaganda Center to choose from?

Mortar Truck ShellsEdit

The Mortar Trucks shells could clear light garrisons (like trenches) and slow down Infantry. Cause they're mortars, and like in vietnam in RL these were used to clear entrenchments.

Cobra Heavy Lift HelicopterEdit

Arnament: Anti-Surface Gatling Cannons (x2, one on each side)

Secondary: Disembark Soldiers

Niche: Heavy troop transport

Description: The Cobra is the Viper's bigger brother. The twin-rotor monstrosity is capable of carrying 8 soldiers or 1 vehicle to and from the frontlines. Although rarely deployed with the Peacekeeper divisions, the Reservists have found it essential to be able to move large numbers of troops through the air quickly. The Cobra is much better armoured than the Viper and carries 2 door mounted 20mm Gatling cannons. However, it is slower than the Viper and much more expensive.

We’d just use the cardinal

KV-4 Edit

Description: While it was originally thought that all examples of this precursor to the Anvil were destroyed, examples of the KV-1 and -2 still exist in the form of the KV-4. Technically an assault gun, and much, much older than anything else fielded and even the crews manning them, the KV-4 has one notable thing going for it: a single, high-powered 105mm gun, provided by the Black Hand itself.

Weapon(s): 105mm High-Velocity gun (no others)

Secondary: Steady Aim (Increases firepower against both tanks and infantry, but slows down the tank considerably).

Niche it fills: "Heavy" Anti-Armor

Denied, the Black Hand aren’t based on big guns

Fairy Sea HawkerEdit

Armament:Torpedo's in secondary

Secondary: Low flier (Lowers to the water to launch torps, cant's move fast or be hit with AA weapons)

Niche: Minor Faction Anti Sub

Description: A variant of the Famous Hawker, The Blue Chinese bought several Hawkers to cut the underwater supply lines between Red China, Red Korea and the Soviet Union.

(Name is from the Fairy Swordfish Torpedo bomber, the plane that got the Bismarck.

Denied, the Chinese don’t fight on the Sea

"insert name here" Edit

Description: a mix between the C&C4 forgotten bus, the GLA battlebus and an ork battlewagon

Weapons:four independantly rotating machinegun turrets on the four corner(or maybe just gun ports)

Secondary:Chaos shot:fires all machineguns in a random pattern creating 360 degree infantry devastation

Niche it fills: usefull infantry annihilator and heavy hitter

Denied, the Double Decker Battle Bus was better, and we rejected that

GLA Scorpion Tank Seccondary: Scorpion Rockets Edit

Description: Swaps the GLA scorpion weapon to a jury rigged rocket launcher to attack air units

Niche it fills: Gives the GLA an anti air weapon, which they lack

Denied, minor factions don’t need to shoot at air

Inferno MortarEdit

A Mortar emplacement that fires incendiary shells for anti-vehicle work. Built buy the Int.Inc. Dozer.

That’s not what the Dozer does


An emplacement similar to the soviet sentry gun; fires incendiary rounds from a chain-gun mounted on a simple mechanical base. Can double as anti-air. also built by the Int. Inc. Dozer.

Ditto, it makes walls

J-7 Strike Craft Edit

Armament: 2x 20mm Gatling Cannon

Secondary: Land to rearm

Niche: Air superiority fighter/anti-ground strike craft

Description: The J-7 is a Chinese aircraft and is armed with two heavy duty 20mm Gatling Cannons. Capable of spewing out lead at 5000RPM, it is equally effective against infantry and aircraft, and can be used against light vehicles as well. Although succeeded by the heavier J-8 and the Mig-19E, the J-7 remains as the only aircraft in Red China's arsenal capable of VTOALing in the absence of a proper airfield, thus making it the obvious choice in post apocalyptic China.

Denied, they already have something in mind if they do this

F-105 Osprey Joint Strike Craft Edit

Armament: 30mm cannon

Secondary: Switch between helicopter and fighter mode

Niche: General Purpose Joint Strike Craft/Air superiority fighter

Description: The F-105 Osprey was a radical aircraft developed by Lockheed. It is a fighter and helicopter rolled into one. In fighter mode, it could use its 30mm cannon to dogfight with enemy fighters to some extent and perform quick hit and run strikes on high priority targets, such as Armageddon Cannons. It can also switch to helicopter mode to provide sustained anti ground fire, although it is much slower in this mode and cannot shoot aircraft. Do note that its 30mm gun is highly effective against light vehicles and decent against tanks, but struggles against infantry (thats where the Xbow comes in).

What part of "Don't suggest RL vehicles" is so hard to understand?"

Devastator Point Defender Edit

Arnament: 105mm Cannon (x1) 20mm Chain Guns (x2)

Secondary: Deploy/Undeploy

Niche: Mobile All Purpose Defence Unit

Description: The Devastator is an Area Defence unit, in short, it excels at defending a given area. When packed up, it looks like a normal six wheeled armoured van, but inside its exterior plating it houses an array of weapons systems designed to defend against most threats that may threaten it. It is armed with a 105mm main gun that packs a good punch against MBTs, and two chain guns that are pretty effective against infantry and aircraft. This unit will fill a unique role for each faction due to their unique play styles. Do note that these turrets will be slightly expensive due to all their capabilities

Allies: Fall-back line. Sets up a defence line to fall back to when things go bad.

Confederate: Expansion Defenders, defends their fast expansions while they construct sturdier and more concrete defences.

Soviets: Push support. The Devastator can tag along with the army, relying on the Soviet's mighty armour to cover it while deploying so it can give the army some added oomph when needed.

Empire: Expansion Defenders, see Confederates.

Order: Mobile Crawler bodyguards.

China: 'Pushing' turrets, basically you deploy these first, then deploy your standard turrets, then move these turrets further up to 'push' your way nearer to the enemy. Great, as these turrets are sturdier on the move and are general all purpose defenders

EP: Last resort hold-the-line weapons. When things go really bad and the enemy pushes, you can try to fall back to a Devastator line. Do note that you can also use them to push, like the Chinese.

Syndicate: Stand-off weapons. No one likes rushing at deployed defences, use this to maximise your distance between you and the enemy without spamming Auxilaries that do nothing to stop MBTs anyway.

This takes too much effort to make

Skirmisher Transport Truck Edit

The Skirmisher is the backbone of International Inc's attempts to expand into the civilian sector while maintaining it's strong leadership in military industry. The Skirmisher is a heavy vehicular transport with light armor, a light machine gun for self defense, and the ability to transport two of any land vehicle currently fielded in the world, at the speed of a common car. In one demonstration, the Skirmisher carried two Allied MCV's from Cairo, Egypt to Istanbul, Turkey with a time of 21 hours. The Skirmisher appears to be the right tool for further easing the logistical strains of the battlefield just as much as they appear to be aiding reconstruction in times of peace. Currently a hundred Skirmishers have been serving the Allied Relief effort in Eastern Europe, as reconstruction material is shipped to towns near the Demilitarized Zone.

Avatar (not humongous warmech - it's a tank)Edit

Sample: The avater is a tank based infiltrator unit, with crews fostered by the cult in secret, making it easier to sneak between peers.

The avatar unit is basicly a very simple plain tank, wich makes it easy to put all kinds of scrappy add-ons on it to easily disguise it as main battle tanks and the likes (anvil, Giardian, Mastiff, Hammer, not Apoc Piledriver and such)

The avatar is capable of using communication disorders, manipulation, and other sneaky tricks to stop effective intercommunication and coordination, debuffing enemy tanks around it with various effects, these effects are unvisible, but marginal enough to make a difference in a fight. This ability works in any state, disguised or not disguised, but is handier when used in the mids of enemy formations.

Prim: THe avatar is able to fire a small diameter round from the barrel disguised behind the scrapbarrels, this doesn't do drasticly much (altough: more then a scorpion tank), but at least generates the illusion that the tank is fighting for your side.

Sec: the avatar can disguise itself as enemy tanks, it is capable of firing when disguised.

Niche: special Chaosmaker unit, fits in with the cults theme.

Not terrible, but it could be better

Mortar Secondary for Pincer IFV Edit

Could clear garrisons like the Confeds Mortarman. It's the Secondary of the Pincer

Denied, they don’t need this.

StummGas Opression IFVEdit

Armament: Multi-Use Grenadelauncher, which supress Infantry/does medium damage

Secondary: Nonlethal StummGas, which clears Garrisons (forces them out); and stuns most infantry

Niche: Garrison Clearing/Infantry Supressing

Info: Six-Whelled Fuchs/BTR looking IFV which can supress Infantry effectivly and can change to Stummgas Grenades vs Garrisons & to stun Infantry

Too much German!

Reaper Medium Tank Edit

Arnament: 80mm Main Gun

Secondary: ATDAW System

Niche: Er... Early game Seamobile Anti Tank Tank?

Description: The Reaper is a standard MBT. However, its armor is generally lighter than standard issue MBTs. It can deactivate its main gun and reroute power to its Advanced Threat Detection And Warning System, which increases the Line of Sight and Range of all nearby allies, this effect has a small aoe and does not stack. The Reaper can inflate pontoons to travel on sea, albeit far more slowly.

Denied, they already have the Marauder

Ascendant VTOL Edit

Description: A hybrid between an air superiority fighter and a transport, the Ascendant VTOL uses a roof-mounted machine gun turret to deal with other aircraft. However, it is not built for speed like other air superiority fighters, and thus moves at about the speed of a helicopter.

Weapon: Top-mounted air-to-air machine gun.

Secondary: Disembark cargo. (Transport.)

Niche: A hybrid between air borne transport and air superiority, great for launching an invasion but much slower to respond to new, distant threats than a normal air superiority fighter.

Denied, they already have a helicopter

Guts TankEdit

Description: Medium tank has a wide base and large heavy treads for crushing smaller units. similar in appearance to the Patton series of tanks but larger and wider. Has a decent cannon with a small turret mounted rocket launcher( similar to a mastiff's machine gun) to keep pesky helicopters at bay. Fast and fairly well armored it gives the reserves the option for fast shock and awe style tank attacks. More expensive than a Mastiff allowing for a better but more pricey alternative.

Weapons: Main cannon does decent damage with a small anti-air rocket launcher( not very powerful but it helps)

Secondary: Cavalry charge deactivates both weapons but boosts speed and gives it the ability to crush heavy infantry and light vehicles(like sickles or tsunami tanks) but medium and large vehicles are still safe.

Niche it fills: medium tank for the reserves, stronger but more expensive than a mastiff.

Denied, it’s dumb


overlooked once, deleted twice put on page anyways (we all hate wiki crashes)

can't we make a minor faction of the units you liked, but didn't fit, like the antaeus?

Perhaps the fact that no one's looking at it should tell you something

Sapper truck Edit

Arnament: Single .30 machine gun

Secondary: Disarm booby traps

Niche: Anti booby trap vehicle

Description: Nothing more than an ordinary pickup truck armed with seismic scanner equipment, some decent vehicle armor and a machinegun, it is able to detect any form of booby trap or demolition charge. Due to all the heavy equipment, the pickup is slower than most vehicles and crawls along the speed of a tank. Its secondary enables it to disarm all booby traps/demo charges/mines/fake buildings in a LARGE area (takes 3 seconds before the traps are disarmed). Cool down time for secondary is 3 seconds. Truck cannot move while defusing mines.

Firescout UAV Edit

Arnament: None

Secondary: Radar pulse (detects stealth)

Niche: Aerial survelliance scout

Description: A stealthed unit, it is capable of staying above the battlefield for extended periods of time, constantly relaying information back to the headquaters about Vietcong positions. The Radar Pulse reveals the Hermes but enables them to detect stealthed Bulldogs as well as underground Vietcong hideouts.

Denied, rejected already

Doomer Sub Edit

"Watch out for us, you will be SHARK BAIT!"-Creed of the Doomer Subs

Description: Although the Peacekeepers are not willing to use submarines (too unfair), the Reservists are not above using subs, especcially considering if the sub is an artillery of sorts.

Weapon(s): Depth Charge (mostly useless), Ballistic Missiles

Secondary: Fire, FIIIIRRRRRE! The Doomer Sub fires 2 Collider missiles in a single area. Keep your troops AWAY from the target area, as the AOE is high and damage is equal to that..

Niche it fills: Ballistic Naval Vessel. See on my profile for how the missiles work.

Combat Destroyer Edit

"First, it steers with rudder, then makes lead! Then it paddles and blows up a way!"-A mentally disturbed Combat Destroyer

Description: Reservists found a perfect match between the original Destroyer and the Assault Destroyer. Now, it's amphibious, and it's rather deadly, especcially to those gosh-darned subs!

Weapon(s): Depth Charge (abandoned on land), 2x Smooth Bore cannons

Secondary: Now, makes lead!: Pulls out an effective machine gun. Rather nasty, but not super dangerous. Puts away the Smoothbore Cannons.

Niche it fills: Standard Naval Vessel.

Venom Strike Craft Edit

Arnament: .50 Machine gun

Secondary: Rocket barrage (CnC generals commanche style)

Niche: General support aircraft

Description: Longbow MK1 fitted with a machine gun. However this removed its tracking system, as a result its rockets have to be fired blindly and in large volleys in the hope of hitting a target. The rockets do little damage but contain gas that causes enemies to become berserk. Machine gun can hit air targets as well.

Denied, cults can’t maintain helicoptors

Tomahawk Launcher Edit

Arnament: Tomahawk missiles

Secondary: Deploy

Niche: AoE Artilery

Description: The predecessor of the Athena. Prior to the Athena Cannon, the Allies were using these Launchers. But with the athena cannons now online, these obsolete units were 'disposed of' to the Blue Chinese. These units have MASSIVE AoE but they do much less damage. They also have to fully deploy to shoot to prevent it from toppling over. Tomahawk missiles are homing vs tanks but they do about the same damage as a guardian with another guardian target painting the target per shot.

Denied, quite boring

ECM Tank Edit

Arnament: Electro jammer beam (Reduces target's range by 50% and decreases attack rate, vehicles and aircraft only)

Secondary: Flare dispenser (Dispenses a tonne of flares, like the claymoore)

Niche: Electrowarfare support

Description: Electronic warfare has always been part and parcel of the Red Army. Their hackers collect money, they constantly drop magnetised strips from planes to disrupt communications and now they use the ECM tank. The ECM tank can use its beam to cripple a targetted unit's electronics and force them to manually target the turrets, thus reducing range and firing speed. Its secondary releases an enormous volley of flares that detract ALL missiles, including your own. This tank has low armor and should be protected at all times.

Denied, doesn’t fit the faction

Repair Truck Edit

Arnament: Repair Arm

Secondary: Extra armor (Damages self to give extra armor to target unit. Target has addition hp bar like point defence drones but moves slower, this process takes some time. A unit can be overhealed to 150% and the damage done to the repair truck is proportional to the amount of HP buffed, the extra bar cannot be repaired)

Niche: Junk repair?

Description: The GLA are the masters of junk. They use junk to upgrade their weapons, junk to strengthen their armor and junk to repair their units. Its that simple. The Repair truck can improve its repair arm with salvaged parts. It can be upgraded three levels. Lvl one improves its repair arm to the same quality as the Repair IFV. Lvl 2 improves the arm even further and Lvl 3 gives the trucks 2 additional normal repair drones for aoe repair.

Denied, everything has junk repair

Panzer Assault Halftrack Edit

Arnament: 2x 7.62mm Rotary Minigun

Secondary: Barbed Wire Launcher

Niche: Heavy Anti Infantry Tank

Description: A Heavy Anti Infantry Tank. It has a rather significant amount of armor but crawls along at a tank's speed. Designed in Germany, but couldnt find a place in the Allied Military (They thought their Riptide's peashooter was enough) While each bullet does less damage than the Riptide, the Panzer makes up for it in sheer weight of fire. As a result, its AoE suppression ability is unmatched. In a sticky situation it can shoot a barbed wire net that suppresses all infantry caught under it, the net is crushable by vehicles, but they will get a speed nerf for the next 20 seconds, tanks (like the Panzer) are unaffected. The Panzer is technically a MBT so it will provide cover for infantry. A great way to use them is Suppress and Crush.

Denied, doesn’t fit

Gun Van Edit

The Gun Van is the best in armoured transport. This is an incredible versitle vehicle and depending on the invasion force, this will be your best friend.

The most common version of the Gun Van is the Storm Raider. This is a vehicle armed with several machine guns on the sides and a twin machine gun that is very accurate when moving.

They are very durable and can be repaired at ease, thanks to the hard working crew of the Van. You will probably never face any problems evacuating any civilians dug in by terrorists, Soviets, Japanese, Syndicate Satyrs, and psychotic cults.

-Gun Van's entry in International Inc Catalouge

Description: A van infamous for its HUGE transport capacity (some say it can carry TWO 10-man squads), the Gun Van is a very efficent van for transporting armies. Too bad it's rather expensive.

Weapon(s): 6 side mounted Machine guns (3 per side), 2 hull mounted Machine guns

Secondary: Evacuates units.

Niche it fills: Epic Unit, only one of these monsters can be built.

Denied, unnecessary

Gun Van Edit

Rumour has it that the French Settlers had several of one of our oldest Gun Van models in the world: the Seeker. It is the least armored variety and the most mobile version, as it sacrifices armour, for more wheels. It still keeps an exceptional transport capacity of 10 civilians.

-From International Inc Catalog on Gun Van

Description: A more unexpensive Gun Van. Not as much room, but hey, it still boasts twin machine guns on the hull, and the cong put a nasty suprise on a turret: a Missile launcher

Weapon(s): Twin hull mounted Machine Guns, Javelin Missile launcher

Secondary: evacuates passengers

Niche it fills: Transport

Also rejected

Myach Anti Air Tank Edit

Description: the Myach tank was the Sickle and Reaper old brother, an all terrain anti-infatry light tank with 3 machineguns and an anti-air flak cannon prove really efective against enemy infantry and planes. After the war, with the Sickle being better in every aspect, they were sold to the GLA, where they were used as the main anti-air vehicle, since the flak cannon is still very usefull this day, but the machineguns are not very effective now and are used only as self defense weapons. Based in design in this tank [3].

Weapon(s): Primary Weapon: 3 machineguns (each cannon can target one unit, but they can not aim at the same unit) and an AA flak cannon as a counter for air units (flak cannon and main machineguns are fixed, tank needs too turn around to fire them, but due design is very fast turning around)

Secondary: Magnetice up! Using old Soviet tech the Myach fires an old magnetic beam powerful enough to slow down aircraft but unable to bring them down. This makes other anti air units able to cause more damage to the aircraft. However, the Myach can't move or turn around, pretty much making it unable to fire at targets not in the weapons angle.

Niche it fills: Anti-Air/Anti Infatry Spam

Double Decker Bendy Battle BusEdit

Description: Nope. i couldn't resist and what more needs to be said? a bus with lots of armour and rolled down windows to act as fire ports. can have 6 infantry inside it. the pinnacle of bus technology.

Armament: none

Secondary: evacuate passengers

Niche it fills: armoured transport.

Destroyer Edit

Name is WIP.

Description: Vietcong assault infantry. These brutes carry miniguns, and unleash an onslught of bullets at enemy infantry.

Weapon(s): Minigun.

Secondary: Frag Grenades.

Niche it fills: Assault Infantry. Based used in urban and enclosed environments.

Mortar Crew Edit

Description: Not the same as the Confederates Mortar Infantry. These guerillas lug mortars, and launch them at incoming enemy armor.

Weapon(s): Mortar.

Secondary: Flare. Launch a flare to revel enemy location, giving temporary sight to fire at enemies.

Niche it fills: Artillery

Gecko Scout Edit

Description: a light combat jeep. Fast and lethal against infantry.

Weapon(s): machine gun.

Secondary: grenade launcher.

Niche it fills: Combat scout.

Terapin Guntruck Edit

Description: a modified 5 ton truck, with improvised armor, and covered in weapons. (The terapin is basically a Ural-4320 with turrets)

Weapon(s): 4 machine guns.

Secondary: Disembark passengers.

Niche it fills: transport.

Neutral GunsEdit

(Not Related to the above)

Description: Cannons from many battles litter the modern battlefield. If you can find a few working parts, they can be yours. (Based on the Confeds Gun Turret, yet preplaced)


Secondary:Self Repair?

Niche it fills: Defending special spots for map makers.

Burninator TrackEdit

Description: Taking the old adage 'Fight fire with fire' a bit to literally. A copy of Talon technology minus the talon steel and clockwork. Designed to burn down any talon 'heretics' that come close. Useless against tanks, the Burninator is amazing at dealing with infantry and structures are slightly more vulnerable. It is EXTREMELY vulnerable from the back to the point where a single tank shell can cut down half its health.

Armament: one flamethrower

Secondary: Fireballs. (instead of a stream of fire as normal, it releases slightly more damaging balls of fire with a much slower rate of fire)

Niche it fills: anti infantry/anti structure. Plus, the Black hand are basically nod. They've always had a flame tank. And the Black Hand especially.

Hawker Vertigo Edit

"Why does this feel like Deja Vu?"- Unfortunate Soviet Conscript

Description: Of course, the Black Hand wants their hands on some Hawkers of their own. After changing their weapons, and how they work, the Vertigo model is a flying bomber, that can reload anywhere. But it still needs to land, and it will be revealed when loading.

Weapon(s): "Cleanser" Incendiary Bombs

Secondary: Lands. This allows it to reload but it reveals itself when doing so. Put it somewhere safe before striking again.

Niche it fills: Bomber. It fits, as similar to the Mammoth Tank, this was scavenged (but by the Black Hand, not the Cong), and it also, like the M-100, is now (sort of) a Confederate Vehicle.

Blue Sweeper (nickname: Janitor)Edit

sample: a modified old grizzly, given a high-powered shotgun like AA weapon

prim: it uses a slow reload AA gun, wich pumps up a single shell to a high degree and then fires it right through the enemy plane, delivering good damage on a medium range, and exelent when close by.

sec: it uses a picker gun to jam the electronics of enemy aircraft, making them unable to fire. aircraft can however simply move out of range.

niche: dedicated AA

M4 Beagle AA Tank Edit

Arnament: Anti Air Missile packs, similar to those on IFVs. Cannot target ground.

Secondary: Evacuate Passengers

Niche: Much Needed Dedicated AA. The NRA's ONLY AA is their Warrior LAV.

Description: Beagle chassis modified to have AA missile packs instead. The space freed from the removal of ammunition and loading equipment allows for transport of 3 passengers.

Minelayer truck Edit

Arnament: Big nasty spike wheels (XD)

Secondary: Layer mine for $100

Niche: Minelayer/Anti man spam

Description: With a surplus of German mines, the Blue Chinese modified APCs into minelayers, thus enabling them to lay a minefield in record time.

Maxim gunnerEdit

sample: a cheap anti infantry tank, essentialy an marauder chassis with 2 gattling guns installed

prim: gatling guns means hell for infantry

sec: becomes stationary, and uses the gattling guns at a much higher rate, basicly becoming a makeshift anti infantry turret (altough it's still just a tank)

niche: dedicated anti inf, the warrior LAV is basicly a transport, and most II units are specialized in 1 role.

Smuggler Edit

Description: An amphibious civilian with a dirty trick. NOT invisible, but can still get past defenses. Unable to take uncrewed vehicles. Is on a bicycle on land, a raft while on water.

Weapon(s): Pulls out a gun and shoots the infantry at point blank range, or drop a bomb in the vehicle, de-crewing it.

Secondary: Secondary makes Smuggler completely unable to be harmed by attack, even force fire. Can still be followed and put under guard, but takes micromanagement and diversion of resources. Has to actively switch out to attack.

Niche it fills: Vietcong guerrilla dickery

Diver Edit

Description: Charlie with a knife and little else. Is stealthed, and stabs people, but on the land isn't that useful. However, he can dive into the water and board vessels, killing the crew on board over time and damaging equipment. Dolphins can easily counter them, but how many of them are there in the rivers of Vietnam?

Weapons(s): A knife, which can either instakill an infantry while cloaked, or cause damage over time to a boat, like a terror drone.

Secondary: Dives deep into the water, and emerges on the nearest shore, out of the reach of dolphins

Niche it fills: Anti boat

Dig Spider Edit

"Nasty? Oh yes I am, yes I am!"- Dig Spider

Description: A nasty unit, with a nasty weapon, with a nasty purpose: to be a nasty sniper to get rid of nasty enemy units.

Weapon(s): A deadly kraken sniper rifle that wastes evil mean infantry.

Secondary: A rather devastating ability, the nasty Dig Spider, digs into the muddy, swampy, (disgusting at that) ground. The pesky Spider can dig around and pop out, and be a jerk of a Dig Spider, as that is his ugly purpose.

Niche it fills: A mean sniper, that is also for good ambushes. Yes, Nasty would be used in many quotes if used.

Avenger scorpionEdit

sample: a scorpion walker made from beaten scorpion tanks, it has 6 former tank barrels as feet, and made tough by plates of recycled steel

prim: it uses 2 industrial hydralic cutters as claws, and is capable of tearing apart steel plates with ease. (the walker is unable to do anything against units at the side or behind the walker)

sec: it uses the feet (tank barrels) to shoot flames out, basicly creating a small wall/ring of fire around it that can stop all melee attackers dead in their tracks. the walker is unable to walk or fire in this mode and enemy's can fire ranged attacks through the fire. (doesn't cont as flamethrower i hope, otherwise, use hallucination stuff)

nbiche: a melee seige weapon and a hard counter against everything slower/as slow as an apocalypse tank. 4 of these can take on cathrapats and crawlers equally, but they are terrible against infantry or normal tanks and have a slow speed and turn radius. the walker is very suspectible against flanking thanks to a exposed joint in the tail (heroic suggestion: tail armor)

(and the ezekiel is apperently meant for support, not anti-heavy)

looks like: a giant refurbished scorpion (insect, not the tank)

Battle Castle Edit

Description: The spiritual successor of the Assault Striker, made by the Scottish, the Castle is meant for superiority. As large as a darn Elephant Tank, the Battle Castle can fit up to 15 Defenders, and it also comes with its own guns to boot!

Weapon(s): 6x Machine guns, passengers

Secondary: Disembark. Why would they do that though? It doesnt make sense, to leave a vehicle of epic WIN.

Niche it fills: Epic Unit/Super Heavy Transport.

Battle Lorry Edit

Description: Predecessor to the Assault Striker, The Battle Lorry is used to ferry Infantry into hostile area's and get them back safe. It's large Engine lets it Ram through many thinks the lighter reserve vehicles cant. It also has fire ports to let the troops fire out. Current versions of the BL might have a Hover skirt similar to the ones on the Allied MCV and Prospector.

Weapon(s):None (3 Infantry Fire out)

Secondary: Disembark

Niche it fills: Heavy Transport, and Damage Sponge.

Note: It's a Truck, not a Bus, Quotes can reflect the constant request for a bus. ;p

veteran ability suggestionEdit

for overlord when elite: propoganda tower for overlord when heroic: gattling towers in addition to propoganda tower

Been suggested to hell and back

Flak Tank Edit

Weapon: Triple 30mm flak cannons

Secondary: Deploy/Undeploy

Niche: Heavy AA to protect high priority targets such as Mammoths from the evil AC-47s

Description: A deployable triple cannon on a Pincer's chassis with flak shells for dedicated AA work. These turrets move slowly and are thus rare. They are used to prevent allied AC-47s from raining hell on their precious Mammoth tanks. These will match the Icarus in pure DPS but are less hardy and obviously slower and cheaper. They also need to deploy to prevent the fast firing from breaking the chassis of the light tank.

Really now?

Lion Edit

Niche: anti-sniper, scout

Weapon: Its claws and teeth

Secondary: Stealth and Speed debuff

Description: Though the GLA do not have the firepower to kill Talon infantry (one of their main enemies)they make up for this by using sneaky highly lethal lions to maul infantry. Works good as an ambush, Anti-Sniper unit.

Denied, doesn’t fit at all

RPG trooper Edit

Description: Although they have the Terrorist, the GLA needed a non-suicidal anti-tank trooper. They bought several rpg launcherss and hundreds of rpgs tipping some with toxins, creating the rpg trooper. Heroic makes the normal missiles fire as fast as an Javelin and makes the toxin missile anthrax gamma.

Weapon(s):an anti-tank missile launcher with a reload of about 2 seconds.

Secondary: a anti-infantry toxin missile with a reload of 5 seconds.

Niche it fills:a non-suicidal anti-tank and anti-infantry trooper.

Denied, terrorists are good enough

Battle Bus Edit

Description: The battle bus is a APC/bus that carries up to 8 soldiers who can ALL fire out of it. Heroic permanently gives it a chemical sprayer.

Weapon(s):whatevers inside of it

Secondary: evacuate and buffs infantry around it

Niche it fills:an APC for the GLA

Denied, unless it’s a double decker


sample: an indirect artilerypeice capable of firing an impressive ammount of more than 1 million bullets per minute thanks to it's non moving 36-barreled gun, it fires the bullets by guickly loading them in a barrel, and fires them by ingniting propulsion fluid beneath them

Prim: none

sec: fires all bullets the tank has, causing a hail of +-1000 bullets (maxmum ammo capacity) to hit the targeted area, turning infantry and weakly armored vechile's/tanks into swiss cheese. This has (unfortunatly for the blue chinese) a very long reload time and should be used tactically. if an aircraft happens to fly while the bullets fall down it will suffer severe damage

Niche: deals exellent damage against (light/medium) tanks inf and aircraft, but once fired has an epic reload time, it is noneffective against buildings, rather slow and unarmored, and should be used defensively

Denied, that would be a nightmare to model

Heretics Edit

Description: Some of the Order of the Talon who seen the Icon, believe that the Cult of the Black Hand are RIGHTEOUS! They are similar to those Shadow Squads, but not exactly.

Weapon(s): Anti-structure grenades (they fell from the sky with their pins inside), anti infantry pistol.

Secondary: A unique hang-glider allows them to go into enemy bases unseen, due to an on board Lazarus Generator. They can't shoot, but they can get into enemy bases easier.

"They don't deserve the sight of the Messiah!" -anonymous Heretic, gliding into an Allied Reservist Base

Niche it fills: Anti-structure. But, don't think they're a base razer, as those grenades only deal serious damage, not deadly damage. He is also not an infantry eraser, as the gun can't kill more than one unit per 5 shots. They do have a low, low price of $500.

Denied, doesn’t fit the Black Hand

Booby TrapperEdit

Description: Similar to the Soviet Engineer. He can attack with a light machine gun that does almost no damage.

Armament: Very light machine gun

Secondary: set up booby trap. (the trapper digs a hole and lines it with punji sticks. instakills most infantry and slows down light vehicles

Niche it fills: Booby trapper. perfect for ambushes.

Denied, this is already on the list!

Stinger Craft Edit

Arnament: 2 Stinger Missile launchers

Secondary: Unload Passengers

Niche: Moderate AA vehicle/transport

Description: Allied air power has always been a headache for the Vietcong, apart from the occasional Flak Tractor and the even rarer Soviet MiG, they could do nothing as wave after wave of Rascals pounded their defences except point their RPGs at the sky and pray for the best. The Vietcong solved this by making a homemade hovercraft to provide a stable and fast moving platform that can move through the jungles and swamps of Vietnam with ease. They then strapped two RPGL-6s also known as "Stinger"s to mounts on the hovercraft, and the Stinger Craft was born. The Craft also doubles as a makeshift troop transport for 3 Vietcong soldiers, enabling them to reach their ambush targets faster. The infantry inside can shoot out as it is an open air craft.

Denied, Charlie doesn’t need to be fast

V1 Rocket Launcher Edit

Arnament: V1 Kinetic Rocket

Secondary: Deploy

Niche: Artilery

Description: Allied Bases have always been a tough nut to crack, even the smallest of bases with two IFTs and a handful of Defenders and Rocket Defenders could bring their harrassment to a stop. The Soviets originally supplied V2 Rocket Launchers, but they kept getting stuck in mud due to their size. The Viet Cong then turned to the smaller but flawed variant, the V1. By mounting a horizontal tube on a rotating turret on a truck, they were able to launch V1 rockets that contain a metallic core instead of explosives from a relatively light platform, and while the V1 lacks the explosive punch of the V2, its sheer kinetic force could put a dent in a building, sometimes large enough such that the next rocket blasts right through. Due to its lightweight, the V1 is the fastest artilery in the entire game, on par with the L117. (The V1 shoots straight and thus cannot go past walls or up and down cliffs)However, due to the forces generated by the rocket, the V1 must deploy prior to firing or risk flipping over. It does about half the damage as the V4 and fires just as often, but it can deploy and undeploy pretty quickly and outpaces the V4

Think of it as the world's largest bullet.

Denied, they don’t know how to make it work, and Charlie doesn’t need artillary

Battle Bus Edit


Secondary:Disembark Passengers


Description:A regular civillian bus put into the military service to serve as a transport.Ii may hold up to 9 infantry,which can fire out of i's windows.

Denied, Charlie doesn’t ride buses

Ch-47 Chinook Heavy Lift HelicopterEdit

Arnament: None/Fireports for infantry

Secondary: Unload Units

Niche: Aerial Transport

Description: Twin bladed helicopter, capable of carrying a whooping 15 infantry or 2 tanks (1 for superheavies). The helicopter has fireports to allow the infantry to shoot out, however it is very fragile and cannot sustain AA fire.

Denied, this is the Bluejay

Sea Fury Anti-Ship HelicopterEdit

Description: II Pelican

A Bit More:II realized that More and More Battles were being fought at sea, where there Fine products can't reach. So the started Modifying Commercially available Heli's into a Anti Ship System. They Use the Successful sold Dept Charges all ready available, and pair them up with Anti-Submarine Projectors, or Hedgehogs to devastate a large area with low powered Munitions.

Weapon(s): Dept Charges (Heroic) LASM Missiles

Secondary: Hedgehogs (Area Damage + Damage Vs Subs)

Niche it fills: Minor Faction Anti Ship

Denied, they don’t get what this even is

MCV mark 1 (outdated mcv) (please read before judging)Edit

sample: a outdated mcv, this unit has low armor, better speed than other mcv's, and only three possible builldings (wall's pillboxes and sam-sites)

how it works: this old mcv can drive around like a normal Mcv, but upon deployement, it can only build buildings in HIS build range, other Mcv's (or other building-producers) CANNOT build in the build-area of this unit, stopping it from becoming an base expansion unit.

prim: no weapon

sec: deploy (still low armor)

Buildings: (it gives 1 extra defense tab, and builds pillboxes and sam-sites in allied way)

Wall: a cheap and outdated wall, can be thrown up very fast, but will not stand long

Pillbox: a battle-bunker with a machinegun and no space for infantry, has medium armor, short range, and does medium damage against armor and infantry

sam-site; an old AA rocketlauncher; weak armor, low damage, but good range

Niche: this vechile can be used to stall enemy's or weakly fortify tech-buildings and other important positions. the stuff it builds is cheap and fast-build, but weak. (this unit can be customized to any minor faction)

Denied, they’d give this to everyone if they could do it

Tao TankEdit

Author's note: i know this is using nuclear weapons. i really know, but this is like the radioactive tanks from Zero Hour

Description: A medium tank that is designed for some slight anti infantry and armoured warfare. Radioactive shells damage infantry while the heavier shells also do damage to tanks. not quite the level of the Overlord but about as strong as a Hammer Tank (Slightly more powerful then the Battlemaster tank)

Armement: Nuclear tipped shells (similar to nuclear tanks from Tao's faction)

Secondary: Overdrive (sets the reactor to unstable containment damaging the tank and gives it a massive speed boost)

Niche it fills: a tank between the battlemaster and Overlord

Denied, this is from Shockwave

Agent Edit

Description:Woamen of the red chinease are trained in technology to be put on the field.Agents are stealthed.

Weapon:Hacks into vehicles,stopping them,or captures enemy structures like an engineer.

Secondary:Hacks into an enemy Con Yard or Ore Refinery to steal credits.

Niche:Field Support

Denied, breaks the rules


sample: a unarmed worker able to produce stinger site's and functon as a engineer, decent speed

prim: engineer function

sec: builds a stinger site in ways similar to the soviet engineer's battlebunker

a stinger site is a roomy, tough bunker for 6 infantry units, it is cloacked while nobody fires from it.

altough it is vastly supprior over the soviet battlebunker, it costs more time to build, and more money ($900)

niche: special rebel unit

Denied, breaks the rules

Rocket Buggy Edit

Description:The gla uses small buggies like these to get rid of it's enemies defensive structures.However,they are not well armored and are easily destroyed by infantry,aircraft,and vehicles.

Weapon:Load of rockets,similar to IFV

Secondary:Aims rockets downwards to destroy itself and damage and hopefully destroy enemy units around it.

Niche:Light Artillery

Denied, breaks the rules

Combat Cycle Edit

Description:A motorcycle with a random gla infantry unit on top.

Weapon:Machine gun (rebel) Sucide Bomb (Terrorist)

Secondary:Make the rider jmp off the bike.Useful when its about to be destroyed.

Niche:Light Vehicle

Denied, breaks the rules

Horizon class 56 artillery Edit

sample: an old horizon class tank, to help defend against tanks and aircraft (pretty outdated, weak armor (weapons not outdated!))

weapon: tank-destroyer shells, fired at basic horizon distance, these shells do no damage to any other thing exept (heavy) tanks (they do harm structures, but not so effectively)

sec: flak- shells, makes the class 56 an medium-effective AA tank with AoE (small flak clouds) (it does this by pointing the gun more upwards than normally, giving it less range)

Niche: the defensive blue china don't have any vechile to defend against aircraft

this unit is also designed as a counter to the armeggedon, and too promote turtling

Denied, the Horizon is fairly new

Heretic HellionEdit

(if the Hellion is approved) Description: Hellions are not discriminate on whom they help. But in the Cult, they use new tools. They do, keep their heavy armor, with a different design.

Weapon(s): A stolen Spectrum Cannon, made for getting rid of infantry, and is surprisingly effective versus vehicles as well! Its best use is against airborne targets!

Secondary: A strange version of the Meltergun (the meltercannon) that fires a blob of Melter-energy that dislodges cover. Clears garrisons, and is best at trying to destroy large vehicles.

Niche it fills: Garrison clearing, and anti-air infantry. The Spectrum Cannon and the Meltercannon have rather large cool downs, so don't use them without support of your own troops. They are oddly cheaper, at $1500, because of how little worth the cool downs are.

Inspired by Space Marine Devastators, but look wise, they ought to look like Space Marine Havocs. Lore-wise, inspired by Damned Legionnaires.

It wasn’t approved

Cargo PlaneEdit

Description:As you may guess,the cult hijacks a lot of vehicles.So,it was only natural when the cult hijacked several of these planes from a local airport.The cult then started producing these planes for their own purposes.

Weapon:Small Minigun(not much damage against anything really except tier1 infantry)

Secondary:Paradrop(infantry must be inside first of course)

Niche it fills:Light Anti-Infantry/Air Transport

Tactical SoilderEdit

Description:The veterans of the Allied Reservists are given special training such as a commando would call "normal".However,the training only goes so far.The soilders are very powerful,but like Tanya,they have no defence against aircraft.

Weapon:Assault Rifle(Stealthed)

Secondary:Switches to Thermal Goggles for higher accuracy against infantry.(Loses stealth in this mode)

Niche it fills:Advanced Anti-Infantry Soilder

Denied, doesn’t fit the Reservists

ARVN B-15Edit

Same as the Confeds except it uses Napalm and HE bombs and lacks gunners.


Description: An advanced air superiority fighter. more expensive and effective then the Hawker but more expensive as well.

Armament: four long range missiles incapable of being used in a dogfight

Secondary: switch to machine guns for use in a dogfight.

Niche it fills: Advanced air superiority fighter.

Mastiff F. Edit

Secondary Ability: change secondary from Guardians target painter to Gravimetric Shield (Reflects incoming attacks in front of the Mastiff back at the attacker.)

Spectrum Tank Edit

Secondary Ability: Flash Fry, unleashes a wide arc of light that instantly kills infantry.

Leopard AFV Edit

Make it into the Ambulance from Generals?

Field Medic Edit

Description: A field medic that can heal other infantry

Primary: Heal Infantry (like the medic from RA1 or Tiberian Sun)

Secondary: A tool that cancels out non-lethal weapons (ex.- A unit is cryofrozen. You use the secondary and the unit is immediately unfrozen)

Niche it fills: Infantry Healing (it seems that only the Allies and Confederates have a way to heal their infantry in the field)

Rally Point Edit

Description: Unarmed vehicle that deploys into a heavy defensive point.

Weapon(s): When deployed,two heavy anti-tank cannons, anti-air autocannon.

Secondary: Pack/unpack

Niche it fills: Anti-heavy, plus Blue China needs something that can hit aircraft (and they only have five units.

"Turret-Carrier" OverlordEdit

Description: A possible change to the Overlord tank, to make it similar to the Overlord from Generals.

Weapons: Same as the current Overlord

Secondary: Deploys into a stationary "turret mode," which makes it essentially part of the terrain. Units can move over the Overlord, and it generates a single build square (complete with a 1-square control radius) on top, where the bunker/propaganda tower/gatling turret would be in Generals. Any 1x1 square building can be erected on the Overlord. The coding can be either (A) The overlord can undeploy and take the structure with it, turning it into a sort of heavy Multigunner, or (B) The overlord cannot undeploy until the structure is either sold or destroyed, making it more of a Siege-Tank-type vehicle.

Skirmishers Edit

Description: Inexpert people in groups of 3, with a lot of different weaponry. There for the will of Ala.

Primary: Molotov Cocktails and AK47 (same damage different animations).

Secondary: Fanatism, makes the skirmishers belive more on their call (reduce rate of fire). It could explote like Yuriko Omega but with no damage, just an animation.

Niche it fills: Anti-Infantry, Anti-Tank infantry.

Weaknesses: Flame based weaponry, desolater defoliant.

EXTRA: It could self heal, bringing new people to the cause.

Battery VanEdit

Description: A small van giving off a small volt of power using a clay jar filled with acid. Upon destruction,kills nearby infantry.

Primary: Gives off a volt of power.

Secondary: Gives toxin buffs to nearby units (toxin shells,etc.)

Niche it fills: Field Support

Doesn’t do anything interesting, and the joke isn’t intuitive enough

L117 Artilery truck Edit

I suggested it for the confeds, you said you would use it for a minor faction. I thought I would like to say that I think it fits the International Inc., Vietcong (with minor alterations) and possibly even Blue/Red China.

Denied, redundant

Horizon Artillery Edit

Description: The Allied Horizon retrofitted for the Reservists with new skin.

Weapon(s): The normal artillery shell (heroic upgrade: acceleration shell, the further the more damage).

Secondary: Splinter-shell which works similar to the V4 cluster but a smaller area.

Niche it fills: The same niche it fills for the Allies - artillery demand.

Denied, just boring and they’d rather do something else

JS-3 TerminatorEdit

Description: An old superheavy tank of Soviet design. the ARVN got their hands on it by raiding old soviet supply depots and tank farms where they were left to rust.

Weapons: Two heavy anti tank cannons. less powerful then the Apocalypse tank but more powerful then the Mammoth.

Secondary: Switch to rockets for use against infantry and aircraft but useless against buildings and tanks.

Niche it fills: the AVRN seems to lack a heavy hitter, and if the VC have the mammoth tank, why not throw this in as well? Plus people who love RA2 and Yuri's Revenge will LOVE this.

Denied, the JS-3 is still used by the Soviets


the famous chopper, with rockets and chaingun, after all, america used to sponsor the blue chinese.

This breaks so many rules it's not even funny

Purifier Edit

Description: An extremely modified Imperial mech, somewhat resembles the C&C3 Avatar. Buffs nearby infantry.

Weapon(s): Modified "Obelisk" Spectrum beam (more sustained beam, stronger against tanks/vehicles but weaker against infantry) and Soviet flamethrower.

Secondary: Switches weapon.

Niche it fills: Anti-heavy, infantry support.



Description: Leopard modified for AA, Heroic gives it an anti-missile SPECTRUM beam in both modes (if possible).

Weapon(s): Light Anti-air SPECTRUM cannons.

Secondary: Guardian-style target designator.

Niche it fills: Ground-based AA

Denied, doesn’t fit the reservists


Description:Destroyed Grizzlys left by former French occupation that has been repaired by the Vietcong.

Weapon(s):No Attack.

Secondary: Secondary allows it to transport up to three infantry that can fire out of the scalvanged chassis (I.E. disembark ability). When destroyed, the chasis will be crippled, but it can still be used as a bunker. (Think of the Battlebus from Generals)

Niche it fills: Transport, mobile-to-Bunker vehicle

Rejected, Charlie doesn’t ride around in transports

B-47 StratojetEdit

How the Nationalists managed to obtain such a heavy bomber noone knows, but what everyone knows is that the B-47 carries two mini tac-nukes, capable of levelling entire platoons. It is the only reason why the Reds have not overrun the Blues by sheer manpower.

The B-47 was originally a cancelled Allied project. It went up against the Century bomber when vying for the spot of Allied Heavy Bomber, despite its impressive range and larger payload, the Allies felt that they needed a more tactical bomber that can VTOAL from any standard allied airfield or aircraft carrier around the world. The B-47 however could only manage a STOAL and thus the plan was scrapped. However, the six prototypes mysteriously vanished. Rumours have said that they have been sent to China to be disposed of, since boneyard raids in America were starting to become commonplace.

The Chinese naturally accepted their new toys and fitted mini nukes on them. Over time, they proved frightening effective at thinning out enemy tank and infantry formations with nukes and blowing enemy bases to smithreens with their conventional bombs.


Secondary: Change payload to 10 conventional bombs

Class: Heavy Bomber

Denied, doesn’t fit the lore


Equipped with a sniper rifle and demo kits, the Mercenary is a the Black Hand's specilist. while not commandos, they are quite strong aginst infentry and can do moderate damage to structures with their demo kits. they lack the infeltration training that commandos have and as a result they simply run up to the structure and throw their bombs on it and run away. demo kit must also be targeted by the commander. compleatly helpless agisnt aircraft and vechiles, they are vulnerable to crushing as well.

Denied, the Cult doesn’t get more infantry

A-12 StarhawkEdit

When times call for quick air support against hordes of infantry and there is no AC-47 in the area, they call on the A-12. With its twin 20mm wing mounted chain guns and its nose mounted 7.62mm gattling cannon, it shreds infantry and can do decently well against light supply transport vehicles. However, recently the Vietcong has taken to hiding AA turrets in the forests, easily shooting at the passing A-12 while remaining concealed. Thus the ARs mounted a GAP generator on the A-12, allowing it to "cloak" and appear nearly completely invisible to the target. However, sharp eyed animals and advanced sensors can make the bane of this aircraft in stealth mode as it has to slow down dramatically to reduce its heat signature and keep its weapons stowed to reduce radar signature.]

Cost: $1250 Speed: Fast Health: Medium-low Secondary: Cloak/Decloak Mission: Anti-Infantry Close Air Support

(Inspired by the A-10, but tripled the cannons and removed the missiles)

Denied, the Hawker Spectre does this already

F-117 Stealth FighterEdit

With apollos being shot out of the sky by AA flak, the F-117 became a class of its own. Able to fly past hordes of AA sites undetected before dumping its 4 missile load into the back of some poor russian mig or tank, it quickly became the choice of fighter of the ARs in Vietnam. It decloaks when firing and stays decloaked for 10 seconds. Secondary causes it to RTB back to base at top speed

Denied, the Spooky does this already. Please stop suggesting real life vehicles

ARVN MastiffEdit

Designed for jungle warfare, these Mastiffs trade range for a large improvised HE shell. Allowing for Aoe damage against infantry and tanks.

This was already taken out for the Peacock

Multigunner IFZEdit

A stroke of pure ARVN genius. Somehow, a Kirov was shot down over South Vietnam by an entire brigade of soldiers shooting at the Zeppelin. Eventually, the crew of the Kirov was killed and the zeppelin floated to the ground. The ARVN, originally disturbed by the report of JS2 Mammoths in the woods, went absolutely berserk over their new toy, outfitting it with over four Infantry fighting turrets. This new Infantry Fighting Zeppelin dominated the sky, striking fear into all who dare to oppose it. Only four were ever built from a small field in a remote area of South Vietnam to maintain secrecy. In fact the project was so secret, even the Allied Reservists didnt know about it until they saw Kirovs in allied colours bombarding the enemy with snipers, missiles and even extreme long range shotguns.


Brick Mobile SAM truckEdit

The predecessor of the IFV, this tracked vehicle comes with more armor but is slower. When these SAM trucks were delivered in replacement of the new IFVs by mistake, the ARVN were absolutely ecstatic over their new toy. As there is little North Vietnamese air in the area, the ARVN did something even the allieds failed to do, jury rig the Brick for ground units targeting. The ARVN discovered that by simple trigonometry, they could rain a somewhat inaccurate but dangerous rain of missiles on a target area. However, against air, the Brick was capable of rivalling the Bullfrog in DPS. Also, the ARVN manually devised a strategy where the Brick will let loose all six rockets at once in a fan in front of it, devastaing anything it hits, be it land sea or air.

Denied, redundant. Also, "Brick" is the best name you could come up with?

Anniliator USVEdit

Cost: $800 A small unmanned surface vehicle armed with a 20mm chain gun. It is capable of squeezing into small tunnels and is used to clear out booby traps before sending men in. With its moderate armor plating, it is able to shrug off most small arms resistance while clearing out these tunnels. Armed with a minature GAP generator, it is able to disguise as an unassuming object while surveying enemy movements while INSIDE their tunnels. (Very obvious by now that it is meant for combat in Vietnam)

Denied, does not fit with the 60's setting

Laser TankEdit

Yet another nod towards the Brotherhood of Nod (Predecessor of the beam cannon) After numerous defeats in the face of heavy weapons by the Order, the Nod embarked on a "hit first, hit hard and run" strategy. The long range laser tanks could catch up with many wheeled vehicles such as the IFV. However, it is extremely lightly armored and can barely take 4 shots to the hull before breaking down. Its main weapon is a large laser that can do staggering damage but takes a long time to recharge.

Denied off the bat

Ghoststalker Edit

Elete professional solder armde with a fast firing grenade launcher. Secondary lays down a $1500 targeting flare for an off screen artillery barrrage that is highly inaccurate and tends to kill the GhostStalker as well (One of the shells almost always seems to find its way to the GhostStalker laying down the flare), so it is best used as a last resort. Heroic gives the GhostStalker the atority to call down a blue Chinese nuclear missile which is far more powerful in all respects but not as powerful as a Green Chinese Nuke.

Denied, basically the Starcraft Ghost with suicidal tendencies

General Dynamics F-111 Fighter/BomberEdit

This aircraft was originally designed as a ground support-interceptor, capable of neutralising air and ground targets. It was originally used to help cover AC-130s enroute to the target and clear up the resultant mess. The combination proved deadly but quickly lost out to the more flexible apollo vindicator combination. Blue China, as it lacked the resources and manpower to man full vindicator and apollo squadrons, opted for the cheaper, low maintainence F-111. Armed with two fire and forget missiles capable of doing decent damage against enemy air, taking apollos down to 3/5 and ground, taking IFVs out completely. Special causes the plane to launch a flurry of rockets, splashing everything in the air and the ground in a fan area in front of it. A conjunction of primary and secondary attacks can take out a tengu or a bullfrog. Heroic gives it mini-nukes, thus enabling it to confidently kill a Tsunami/Apollo or a few of the above if they are stacked together in one run.

Denied, basically the Hawker

Nuclear Mortar Trooper Edit

Guy with a nuke mortar. Does high damage to infantry and buildings but lower against ships and tanks. Non homing. Secondary fire switches to AP rounds which have no AOE but do high damage to tanks and ships and infantry if they hit but lower against buildings.

Denied, minor factions have too much infantry already

Expandera Swift Outpost Edit

An assemble-it-yourself outpost, with all parts needed transported in a relatively unremarkable but still recognizable truck. Gives minor build radius, only enough for one or two buildings, but is very cheap due to this and the fact that it's not really self-deployable like the Prospector, but instead is helped by the driver to pack up - even if it may look like it packing up. (I'm not the animator) Weapon not included. (Think IKEA; Expandera = To expand) Essentially a mini-Sputnik.

Denied, minor factions don't need it


Armed with a single 25mm cannon, it flies in packs of 10, trying to take down AC-130s and AC-47s before they can reach their targets. What they lack in technology, they make up for it in sheer numbers, sometimes outnumbering apollos 2 to 1. Even then, they find it nearly impossible to take down the apollo. In fact, they rarely engage apollos at all, instead focusing fire on the AC-130/AC-47 before disappearing by vertically landing onto hidden airpads in the forests (These aircraft are so poor, they cant even take down tengus 1v1, their only advantage is the ability to ambush targets just like the hawker, although a lot more poorly

Denied, Charlie doesn't get aircraft

Hacker Edit

fast infentry equipped with a simple laptop, the hacker can get close to bases and using a computer virus, shut down the enemy's production, power or tech structures. unable to swim becuase of the risks of taking the laptop into water, the hacker can also hack into an enemy's supply center and download a steady stream of cash provide he can get close enough to an ore refinery.

Reckoner Edit

a troop transport with a twist. while mobile, it can store up to 3 infentry inside it. secondary ability unpacks it into a bunker that can hold 4 infentry, but is unable to pack up agian.

Saboteur Edit

Stealthy infantry infiltrator designed to disrupt enemy plans. Can infiltrate buildings if used against buildings, can sabotage vehicles if used against vehicles, or can attack infantry with halucinatory darts(they go mad and attack their own side, has a long reload time) if used against infantry. When it attacks vehicles, the vehicle has a bomb placed upon it which will explode the next time the vehicle tries to attack something, although it can be removed by repair units like a terror drone if it hasn't detonated. Secondary allows it to disguise itself as an enemy unit. Over all, the unit is meant to be a very powerfull infiltration and disruption unit, but can easily be killed if discovered.

Rhino Battle Tank Edit

This now obsolete tank from red alert 2 serves as a heavier alternative to the pincher light tank to the Vietcong. Much like its lighter counterpart, it has been upgraded to be fully amphibious, but its heavy chasis prevents it from manuvering easily. To this end, the Vietcong have given it an engine overcharger that causes it to move faster but compromises its ability to fire on land units. Oddly eneough, this allows it to fire on air units, but only of the slower sort. Charlie don’t have tanks. Or planes.

Arrow Mobile Outpost Edit

A modern day mass-producible replacement for the M-100 Artillery Track, the Arrow was intended to set up temporary Fire-Bases near the front lines and indirectly support the Allied Reservists with long range fire support. Within weeks the Arrow proved itself as a true strategic asset in Vietnam as it could easily destroy enemy tunnel networks at a distance and forced the Vietcong to reconsider any military action against the fortified Allied Outposts. However, any token provocation by the Vietcong has proven to be more than enough for Reservist's to call down excessive amounts of fire-power, more often than not, wiping off entire villages off the face of the Earth. Doesn’t really fit with the Reservists theme

Grizly Battle Tank Edit

The main battle tank used by the United States, slowly being phased out in favor of the Guardean Tank and more recently, the newer Spectrum Tanks. It is as fast as the Guardean tank and can withstand almost as much punishment. Primary is an anti-tank shell(slightly less powerful than the variety used by guardeans.). Its secondary, however, is slightly more unusual, unleashing a barrage of long range anti-structural rockets, much like an artillery peice, but doing less dammage to vehicles of all sorts. Would be easy to make, as the Spectrum Tank uses the chassis, but they don’t feel the need

Ranger Response Car Edit

Cost: 500

Role: Rapid response/ transport/ scouting/ light anti-Infantry & AA.

This is an attempt to make the ARVN Ranger different from the Confederate's. It has medium-level stats (talking about Confederate upgrades) but instead of a Scanner Mine deployer it can transport 3 Infantry at its quick pace. Leopard does this, basically

Minesweeper Edit

Cost: 500

This inexpensive vehicle is used by the ARVN to counteract the mine-laying ambush forces of the Vietcong. It is unarmed, has moderate-low armor, detects stealth in its normal sight radius, and deactivates Mines by coming near them. Its secondary deploys it into a radar hub with very high sight range. (It cannot reveal stealthed units in this mode.) It can also undeploy from this form.

(This is based off of a perceived ARVN theme of scouting, map knowledge, and quick response.) More fitting to put it on another vehicle than a new one, probably the Beagle

M50 Ontos Edit

The Ontos, officially the Rifle, Multiple 106 mm, Self-propelled, M50, was an Allied Manufactured light armored tracked anti-tank vehicle developed in the 1950s that never saw action in the second great war and was left in the free market for other countries to use in post war clean ups The GLA Somehow got a hold of many hundreds of these vehicles but it was to slow and sluggish to use in desert warfare so the GLA arms dealers stripped 50% or more of the armour off these vehicles and installed supercharged engines that made them fly across the desert it became a deadly hit & run tank destroyer encounters with GLA splinter factions & Talon forces proved this

This vehicle is fast Agile & Highly Affective Agianst enemy armour though it is useless agianst anything else its special ability is to deploy camo netting to make invisible while still

Cost: 1,700 Build time 15 seconds


A-1 Skyraider Edit

The Douglas A-1 (formerly AD) Skyraider is an American mass produced single-seat attack aircraft that saw service between the 1950s and early 1960s. It was a propeller-driven armed with 4 Machine guns it is used a ground & air attack craft though it is obselete it still packs a large punch but lacks decent armour many thousands of these were bought by the benerfactors of veitcong movement snuck through in civilian ships and then hidden in the vast veitcong tunnel network

This plane is best used as a raiding vehicle works well in large groups but one one one it cant take a tengu out its special ability is to perform a last ditch kamakaze attack on a ground or air unit

Cost $900 Build Time 10 seconds


A-37 Dragonfly Edit

The Cessna A-37 Dragonfly is a Mass produced United States light attack aircraft developedto be used with the A-1 Raider when this idea was brought to the allies they denied it so the United States put the two planes on sale in the free market which bought many buyers among those buyers were the benefactors of the veitcong movement spending many millions of dollars the veitcong bought more than 8800 of these aircraft& snuck into vietnam throught the same method as the "skyraider"

It is armed with four heatskeer missles and must come back to veitcong HQ building to reload and it can only attack aircraft it best used with the A-1 Skyraider for blowing enemy air assualts out of the sky its special ability is to use its thrusters to return back to base

Cost $1,400 Build time 21 Seconds


Pack Rat Edit

Melee infantry that run around with a entrenching tool digging the out mines and beating the crap out everything that that doesn't explode. Passively detects stealth units. Secondary allows the Pack Rat to switch armaments to a 90mm Recoilless Rifle that does great damage against structures, but has short range and slow reload time.

Guerilla movements are a dime a dozen in the Allied Nations often relying on ambushes and trip-mines to harass a superior force. In Vietnam, Pack Rats are the call-sign of the individual infantry tasked with clearing a path through the jungle by defusing every pipe bomb in their path and clearing every tunnel they unearth. The life expectancy of such individuals is notoriously low, and more often than not the individuals that survive deployment suffer severe cases of post traumatic stress, regardless the results speak for themselves.

Barricade Layer(revised) Edit

Heavily armoured engineering vehicle built by Blue China to close gaps in their defensive lines.

Primary is that it can repair structures
Passively it can clear mine fields and put out fires by running over them with its bulldozer blades
Secondary is its ability to deploy into a fortification which is a reinforced fire-base.

Lone Wolf Edit

Essentially Colonel Burton. More of a "Rambo" feel. Denied, minor factions don't need commandos and it thematically didn't fit at all.

Nightstalker Edit

Essentially CnC3 commando with an autoshotgun. Denied, minor factions don't need commandos.

Douglas Cargo Plane Edit

Props. Previously used by Allied Nations, now serves to Reservists as cargo plane to paradrops.

District Armory Edit

Local Reservist operation structure that also serves as the Uni-Production structure for the Reservists. The local Reservist Armory's serve as the first and last line of defense for many Allied Nations. They serve as a permanent base of operations as well as the primary recruiting stations for the Numerous Allied Peacekeeping divisions. They are large fortified garrisons with a wire fence surrounding a visible vehicle depot on the left, and a tall wind turbine on it's right. In combat the Armory can be garrisoned by friendly units but cannot be rebuilt after it's destruction. It can operate without power and is tough to take out, but takes longer to build infantry than any other structure and lacks sight range because of it's smaller windows. Team Paradox already planned this

Greyhound Edit

A locally manufactured escort vehicle, the LAV-100 Armored Security Vehicle or the Greyhound was designed to act as both an armored infantry transport vehicle as well as a medical evacuation transport. Basically a CNC Generals Ambulance that looks like a "Cadillac-Gage Commando" used extensively by the ARVN in the Vietnam War.

Centurion Edit

A man in a battle suit armed with a highly advanced nano-tech shield acting thats right arm the technology "aquired' from japanese forces also armed with a 150mm anti cannon acting as its other arm the shield deflects 35% of damage back to the attacker and the anti tank weaponary is good agianst vehicles and moderate agianst infantry but it is useless agianst aircraft its special ability is the run ability which increases the speed of the centurion temporaly

Confessor Edit

The cult's response to the sheer amount of flame weaponry in their arch enemies. Sprays a viscous liquid onto enemies, dealing moderate damage to infintry and vehicles and substantial damage to structures as well as clearing garissons. The liquid the confessor sprays is highly volitle and has a tendancy to detonate when it makes contact with a heat source(such as a talon flamer or a conscript's motov coctail). Also when used against a unit that uses Flame as a weapon, the mixture is capable of exploding when the unit attacks(does not apply to thrown weapons such as the motov coctail or this units own secondary, so you probably won't see any lucifer tanks spontaniously combusting). The Confessor is clothed in a flame retardant suit to increase his survivabilty agaist flame weapons, though they offer little help with conventional weapons. Seccondary is a firebomb grenade used for detonating units that are affected by his primary. Known weakness include being slow, expensive and having little more defense than an accolite, save for against flame weapons.

Specter Stealth Artillery Edit

Armed with the latest in cloaking equipment and a powerful smoothbore artillery capable of fring over cliffs and causing massive damage if used correctly the cloaking equipment and weapon are mounted on to a small chassis and 6 stabalizers are needed to deploy before the gun can fire to avoid the chassis being damaged the thing are expense due to the quality of equipment needed to construct these and thus they are a rare sight on the battlefield.

Disciple Edit

Some kind of commando? Hard to tell. Orders artillery strikes and fires with machine gun. Denied, minor factions don't need commandos. And if it wasn't a commando then it's basically infantry-based artillery, which is a little OP.

SAM Site Edit

Can minor factions have buildings? Anti air defensive structure. No, they cannot have structures.

Obelisk of Light Edit

Can minor factions have buildings? The most powerful defensive structure in the game, capable of taking down an Apakolipse Tank in one hit. Wierdly enough, this already exists, as the Altar of Light for the Talon. If you see the original Black Hand version, it'll be in campaign.

Black Hand Terror Drone Edit

A Terror Drone that has been re-designed for the purposes of the Black Hand. The Black Hand counterpart resembles the Terror Drone from Red Alert 2 instead of the modern soviet counterpart. Special allows this unit to become temporaraly stealthed but unable to infect vehicles. Infintry are still vulnerable though.Team Paradox is unsure how to take texture off a RA3 unit. If anyone knows, please send a detailed, step by step instruction!

Stealth Tank: Edit

May be a bit too "nod"ish. Fast and lightly armored tank that is completely stealthed even while attacking. Even projectiles are stealthed. Steath is lost if unit gets too close to enemy units. Secondry fire swaps between two loadouts: a barrage of conventional warheads that are effective against vehicles and air units and a halsnitory(can't spell) grenade launcher.Denied, this is the Ezekiel’s Wheel

Cyborg Awakened Edit

May be a bit too "nod"ish. Serves a similar function to the commandos of major factions while not being one, allowing it to be mass produced. Cyborg awakened have similar armor to light vehicles, short range, higher than average moement speed compared to most infintry and are rather expensive. Cyborg Awakened use a short-ranged plasma cutter to attack which is thought to be based on alien technology. Secondary function toggles an emergency system shut down, which greatly increases damage reduction and causes this unit to auto heal, but preventing its involvement in combat.“It’s kind of weird”, they say. Denied

Airstrip Edit

Used to transport the cult's vehicles into battle. Unlike the standard war factory, vehicles must be flown in fom off the battlefeild by an invulnerable airplane. The Airstrip makes up for this time lapse for giving the Black hand two for the price of one.Team Paradox already planned this

Banshee Edit

How in the world the cult managed to aquire this seemingly alein craft is a mystery. What is known is that it is on par with the Achilles(Nowhere near as fast though) as an air superiority fighter and probably costs just as much(if not more) but can fire on both land and air targets. Has two modes: in Attack it projects a powerful sheild around its projectile, giving it about the same offensive power as a Veteran shogun batleship(but not range) at the cost of having the durability of a peacekeeper. On the defense its agressive power would be about equal to a conscript's gun but has enough durability to embaress a Kirov. Reguardless of mode, the banshee has a unique projectile that ignores such defenses as that of the Heisenburg assault copter, Alexander Private Jet, and will hit an intended land target even if it is being protected by an Assault Destroyer's black Hole armor. Based on the Nod Banshee from tiberian sun(with a "few" reinterpretations).

White Sun Edit

Commando with grenade launcher, secondary fires a flare that stuns all enemy units on the battlefield. Denied, minor factions don't need commandos. Also, the secondary (while thematically appropriate) is WAY overpowered. Keep him in your base and you can stun enemies everywhere without risking him.

Flying Tiger Edit

Named after a famous Allied air regiment that had served in China. The Flying Tiger uses its 33mm cannons to strafe unprotected Red Troop crawlers or hit an armageddon Cannon or two before the Red's could return fire. They also carry EMP mine clusters. Which when used can spread out EMP mines in a radius around it. Very handy for dealing with large tank columns pushing across Chinese farmland, grassy plains, or a narrow mountain pass. The Flying Tigers are said to have been responsible for giving The Democratic forces of China all this time.

Inferno Artillery Edit

Support unit of armoured columns when Armageddon Cannons cant keep up. Armed with howitzer to bombard enemy positions. Its secondary ability is swapping to homing missiles, which track only armoured vehicles with great effect. Based on Inferno Cannon.Denied, they already have artillery

Plaguist Edit

Suicide infintry that self-destructs into a special toxic cloud that infects nearby infintry who in turn, also infect infintry, (but only if they die,) causing a chain reaction. Special ability renders unit invisible but unable to use its usual suicide attack. Extremely expensive.

Jarmen Kell Edit

functionally idendical to natasha but weaker in every way. Jarmen Kell is more expensive, has a larger cooldown time for vehicle sniping, cannot swim, and has fewer hit points. Jarmen Kell is not a commando unit, and thus can be mass-produced. Jarmen Kell cannot attack structures.No

Looter Edit

Light infintry unit that uses makeshift weapons such as as baseball bats and nailed boards. Secondary is firebomb grenades to clear structures. Unique pasive ablity gives resources to owner each time a Looter attacks. Come in groups of five.

Arms Dealer Edit

The majority of Rebels in the Global Liberation Army do not have weapons because they cannot afford them. They hate foreign oppressors, are experienced in the ways of war, and can be summoned within minutes but lack the weapons necessary to fight. To this end representatives of foreign unaffiliated arms companies set up shop in various parts of the world with the sole intent of their product reaching it's customers. Through an Arms Dealer, the GLA could acquire second-hand, stolen and/or improvised vehicles with which to attack their enemies. Functioning as a Omi-Production structure an Arms Dealer could obtain/construct one vehicle at a time, with infantry being produced in small mobs. Vehicle repairs could also be carried out here, and a single upgrade obtained. When destroyed a small bunker underneath the structure is reviled and the owner will begin to rebuild his store.

Bomb Truck Edit

No one stops the mail!A superpowered Terrorist on wheels. As its seccondary, it can discies itself as a vehicle and imitate its move speed.

Carbineer Edit

Like all sides, the GLA recognized a need for a sniper unit to pick off infantry from afar. In response to this need, the GLA picked some of its Rebels, known for being accurate shots instead of recklessly wasting ammo, and turned them to the new Carbineers. Armed with Mosin-Nagant carbine rifles that were sold off by the Soviet Union to make room for its new Dragunovs, these sniper rifles are old but reliable, and the Carbineers know how to put them to good use.

Pelican Cargo Plane Edit

Props. Used by Soviet Union in WWII to paradropping and bombing runs. Denied. No aircraft for Charlie, please

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